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Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures

Dates, times and locations TBA

In celebration of International Women's Day and inspired by its 2012 theme, CONNECTING GIRLS, INSPIRING FUTURES, WIFTV is embarking on a program to take festival films into Vancouver and area high schools. The programaims to inspire young women interested in careers in the film industry, and enlighten them with the stories our films tell. Our inaugral screenings will show two films: Vixens and Virgins...and other Mythological Creatures, directed by Heather Watson-Burgess and The Invisible Red Thread, directed by Maureen Marovitch.

Invisible_Red_Thread THE INVISIBLE RED THREAD | 54:10 mins
2011, Canada, directed by Maureen Marovitch
The Invisible Red Thread follows fifteen-year-old Vivian Lum from Canada to China to discover the land she was adopted from in 1995. She returns to her birth city and orphanage and also meets Shumin Zhu, a locally adopted teen girl. The girls compare lives as the film explores the ripple effects of China's Family Planning and One Child Policies. The Invisible Red Thread travels the twists of fate that brought these girls to very different worlds, and the ties that still connect Vivian to China.

V_V_11a_-_Mallory_Teal_and_Sam_-_Photo_by_Ellen_Crystal.jpg VIXENS + VIRGINS ... AND OTHER MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURES | 47:00 mins
2010, Canada, directed byHeather Watson-Burgess
Drugs, sex parties, bullying, cutting, eating disorders... It seems everywhere you turn there's another story of teenage girls-gone-wild. Vixens+ Virgins follows one mother's fascinating investigation into the lives of teenage girls and the truth behind.

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