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at the Vancity Theatre in Vancouver, BC

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Reel Women

3:30 pm - 5:30 pm | Saturday, March 10th, 2012
Documentary Film Screenings with Talkback

2011, Canada, directed by Tatiana Balashova
Arte, Ardore, Onore: The World of Swordplay is a glimpse into the world of swordplay through the eyes of a courageous, decisive girl (Lilly) and Maestro D'Armi (Devon Boorman, director and instructor of the Academie Duello Swordplay Centre). Lilly is a young swordplayer who is participating in the Kids Knight Camp for the forth time. Striving to become a knight she takes her hobby very seriously. Meanwhile Devon shares the main myths about swordplay and some secrets of rapier fighting as well as what inspires his passion for swordplay.

FallingFromTheSky.jpg FALLING FROM THE SKY | 6:00 mins
2011, Canada, directed by Moira Simpson
Surrounded by the beauty of the Slocan Valley in British Columbia, artist Tsuneko Kokubo (Koko) dances her memories of being stranded in Japan during the Second World War.Falling From the Skyis one of a number of short films from the multi-faceted community based project,Telling the Stories of the Nikkei: The history of the Japanese Canadian Internment in New Denver.

Lady_Razorbacks_1photo_by_Laura_Green.jpg LADY RAZORBACKS | 4:07 mins
2011, USA, directed by Laura Green
When a group of Pacific Islander women struggle to start a rugby team in East Palo Alto, they find the field to be an unexpected sanctuary.

Oh_sushi_2.jpg OH! SUSHI- FROM THE LAND OF THE BC ROLL WITH LOVE | 47:28 mins
2011, Canada, directed by Toshimi Ono
In setting out to discover the creator of the BC roll, Alyssa Ono, a second generation Japanese Canadian, unexpectedly finds herself unraveling the rich and intricate layers of sushi culture, ultimately coming to understand why the Japanese refer to it with reverence as o-sushi.

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