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Joining WIFTV is joining a movement for gender equityin front of and behind the camera in screen-based media. Your membership fees make WIFTV possible. They support our advocacy initiatives, our programming, our events and our festival.

Anybody who is equity-deserving on the basis of gender is welcome to become a voting member of WIFTV. This includes, but is not limited to, trans, non-binary, Two-Spirit, Indigiqueer people, and cis women.

Cis men are encouraged to join as non-voting members.

We recognise that the English language as a colonial language does not capture the breadth and scope of all gender identities. We encourage folks to use their best judgement when deciding which membership to choose. We also recognise that not everybody who is equity-deserving on the basis of gender will feel comfortable being voting members of an organisation with 'women' in the name. We are in the process of a name change to address this.

We encourage representation from all the creative, technical, administrative, and service fields that sustain our lively screen-based media indutry and community.


  • FREE admission to monthly networkingWilliam F. White Coffee Chats($10 value per event)
  • Reduced rates onWIFTV workshops(between $10 and $40 value per workshop) and resources (between $8 and $15 on PW5 and PW5 Online)
  • Discounts onpartnerorganization events such as Banff World Media Festival, Whistler Film Festival
  • Member rates on other WIFTI chapter events around the world
  • Your profile listing in our onlinemember directory; Members are invited to submit their CVs and portfolios, in addition to accessing theNFB Talent Bank
  • Bi-weekly E-News filled with opportunities, industry news, events, plus opportunities to promote your projects in the Members Announcements section of our E-news
  • Access to WIFTV Active-Members-Only Facebook forum group where you can connect with fellow members, advertise jobs/requests for crew, forthcoming events, and points of interest
  • Access to the members-only section of our website (contains a member directory and access to member discounts)

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JOIN US ONLINE TODAY AT www.womeninfilm.ca/application.html