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Over the years, the support WIFTV has received from our members has brought our Advocacy, Festival, Professional Development and Networking efforts and events to life. Membership fees help to ensure that our office can continue to support these programs, as well as our annual Spotlight Awards, the VIFF Artistic Merit Award, and the Mentorship Programs, all of which promote and recognize women in the screen-based media industry.

Membership is open to all genders, including: self-identified women working in the screen-based media industry, women not actively working in the industry, men and non-binary allies of vast levels of experience in the industry. We encourage representation from all the creative, technical, administrative, and service fields that sustain our lively production community. 


  • FREE admission to monthly Networking Coffee Chats ($10 value per event)
  • FREE admission to a Vancouver International Women in Film Festival (VIWFF) event and discounts on VIWFF screenings
  • Reduced rates on WIFTV workshops (between $10 and $40 value per workshop) and resources (between $8 and $15 on PW5 and PW5 Online)
  • Screening of your work at our monthly Film and Media Showcase and enjoy Evenings of Film and Conversation free of charge. Open only to members of WIFTV, Cineworks and DOCBC.
  • Discounts on partner organization events such as Banff World Media Festival, Whistler Film Festival
  • Member rates on other WIFTI chapter events around the world
  • Your profile listing in our online member directory
  • Members are invited to submit their CVs and portfolios in addition to accessing the NFB Talent Bank 
  • Bi-weekly E-News filled with opportunities, industry news, events
  • Opportunities to promote your projects in the Members Announcements section of our E-news
  • Access to WIFTV Active-Members-Only Facebook forum group where you can connect with fellow members, advertise jobs/requests for crew, forthcoming events and points of interest
  • Access to the members-only section of our website (contains a member directory and access to member discounts)


In light of current economic times and the changing structure of the industry, WIFTV remains one of the few organizations focusing on the advancement and celebration of women working in the screen-based media industry through a wide range of opportunities for education, networking and advocacy:

  • Providing professional development workshops;
  • Facilitating collaboration and ongoing networking;
  • Advocating discussion of issues of concern to women, to assure fair and equitable opportunities in the industry;
  • Celebrating and promoting our members’ achievements; and
  • Joining other industry organizations in programs and initiatives which support these goals.

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“I responded to a WIFTV newsletter call for directors, for a woman to direct a feature film that had a plot that was woven around the issue of breast cancer. I had just wrapped a 2-hour feature documentary on breast cancer and had been trying to cross over into directing drama for decades. I applied for the position, the producer flew to Toronto where I was temporarily working, met with me and hired me. I am now working with him on several drama projects and have a brilliant professional relationship with his company. All of this was made manifest through my continued membership with WIFTV. Dare to dream! Join WIFTV. Please feel free to contact me for any inspiration you may need to take the plunge and join!” 
– Mary Frymire, La Sirena Pictures Inc.

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JOIN US ONLINE TODAY AT www.womeninfilm.ca/application.html