1. VWIFF 2012 is accepting Feature Films (minimum 45 minutes) and Short Films (under 45 minutes).
2. VWIFF 2012 is accepting: animation, documentary, and narrative films. VWIFF 2012 welcomes Canadian and internationalfilms with diverse themes, from all cultures, including films from emerging filmmakers (1st or 2nd film).Student films will be accepted and considered with all other submissions.
3. Submissions featuring strong female characters and stories are encouraged. Eligible films must have THREE of the following (one woman may serve in more than one role): a woman as Writer, a woman as Producer, a woman as Director, a woman as D.O.P., a woman as Lead Actor, a woman as Lead Animator / Editor, a woman as Lead Composer.
4. All non-English language films must have either English subtitles, no dialogue, or be dubbed.
5. Only films completed completed AFTER January 1, 2010 will be considered for admission.
6. VWIFF 2012 pays filmmaker artists' feesas well as cash awards. Read more about our Legacy Awards ... and the WIDC Feature Film Award ...


1. Submissions will be reviewed by a SelectionJury appointed by the Festival Chair. The Jury will provide a list of those films it feels should be part of VWIFF 2012.
2. Filmmakers will be notified of the decision by December 15, 2011.
3. All communications will be sent electronically, including selection and notification letters: please make sure the email address and phone number provided on the entry form are correct!
4. If selected for VWIFF 2012, exhibition versions must be delivered to WIFTV by January 31, 2012. Available projection formats may be subject to change, but currently are anticipated to be16mm|35mm|DigiBeta NTSC|Beta SP NTSC|BetaCam SX NTSC|HD Cam.


1. Our secure online system and WAB will accept payment by Visa or Mastercard (using PayPal). It will also allow you to pay by cheque or international money order: write the invoice number (click on the print icon in the upper right corner of the confirmation page) on the cheque and mail your payment to us with your submission package.

2. All payments must be in CANADIAN DOLLARS. Please do not send cash.
3. Cheques and money orders must be payable to WOMEN IN FILM & TELEVISION VANCOUVER.
4. Entry fees are entirely non-refundable.

FORMATS FOR SUBMISSIONS (through our website):

1. Two (2) preview copies of entries for jurying must be submitted on DVDs labelled with the film title, running time and filmmaker contact information.
2. Please submit yourpreview copyin DVD NTSC only (PAL not accepted).
3. Please note the status of your film (i.e. if screener is not final edit, missing music, not colour corrected, etc.).
4. VWIFF 2012 is not responsible for compatibility issues if DVD preview copies do not play.
5. Preview DVDs will not be returned.

SUBMITTING TO VWIFF 2012 (through our website):

1. Complete the online submission form (selectthe active link above),and pay online or enclose a cheque or money order with your submission package. Please do not send cash.
2. Entrants may submit more than one entry provided that you complete a separate entry form,and the films are on separate DVD discs.
3. For multiple submissions, we will accept one cheque or money order for the total amount.
4. Your submissions MUST be postmarked by the applicable submission date (early, regular, late) to be accepted. Pleaseallow sufficient time for us to receive your submission - even if it is postmarked by the submission date, but it takes two or three weeks to get here, we may not be able to review it. If using Canada Post, always get a tracking number, just in case!
5. Special note to international entrants: the Customs Declaration should state that the preview DVD is "FOR FESTIVAL PREVIEW ONLY - NO COMMERCIAL VALUE". Do not value your package at more than $1 Canadian on the invoice and customs documents.
6. If possible, please include aDVD of hi-res electronic stills from the film (TIFF, 300 dpi or higher, colour or black and white), preferablytwo different production stills with caption and photography credit (a good photo can make a difference when your film is being publicized at VWIFF 2012).
7. Promotional materials of films selected for VWIFF 2012 become the property of VWIFF 20112 and can be used to promote VWIFF 2012 in all mediums including film, television, radio and the internet.
8. PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR STREET/MAILING ADDRESS HAS CHANGED! Effective September 1st, 2011 our new mailing address is: #306 - 207 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC Canada V6B 1H7