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at the Vancity Theatre in Vancouver, BC

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Conceiving Family

3:30 pm- 5:30pm | Sunday, March 11th, 2012
Film Screenings with Talkback

Luna LUNA | 6:30 mins
2011, Canada, directed by Donna Brokopp
A five minute film noir animated short, Luna depicts the flirtatious dance betweena charming and debonair caterpillar (Silky) and the stunning and gracefulmoth (Luna). Is their story one of unrequited love at first sightor will their true feelings overcome the powerful attraction of another suitor?

I_Still_Remember I STILL REMEMBER | 13:00 mins
2011, Canada, directed by Miao Song
To me, the memories of the five year divorce in Montreal are more like "bloody" fragments and I would be very afraidto look at them. It was so amazing to hear the memories my daughter collected andit was very touching to know how much she has been carrying.

Soul_Man SHE'S A SOUL MAN | 13:00 mins
2011,Canada, directed by Caitlin Byrnes
Lou, a 13-year-old girl who was raised to believe in the power of sweet soul music, has come to live with her aunt in Suburbia. Afraid to do her own funky thing in her new surroundings, she fades into the beige background. Until her mysterious and soulful guardian angel intervenes...

Dancing_with_the_Moon2_200791.jpg DANCING WITH THE MOON | 5:10 mins
2011, Canada, directed by Katherine Pettit
Dancing with the Moonis a five minute animated short. Asa child waits to be born, she recounts the struggle her mother endured with infertility.

Conceiving_Family CONCEIVING FAMILY | 50:18mins
2011, Canada, directed by Amy Bohigian
A one hour documentary focusing on gays and lesbians starting a family through adoption through the lens of the filmmaker's own journey to parenthood.

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