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at the Vancity Theatre in Vancouver, BC

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Closing Night

9:00 pm - 11:00 pm | Sunday, March 10th, 2013
Short Film Screenings and Awards Presentations

Cart-5.jpg THE CART | 00:25:48 mins
2012, Russian Federation, directed by Natasha Novik

A man was walking along a very long road, when, suddenly, he saw a cart, with no-one aboard, with no horse or engine, or even sails… just the wheels turning by themselves past him in the same direction. He jumped clear of its path and it continued by itself and he died of thirst. He was a scholar and he knew that such things absolutely did not happen–that carts could not travel by themselves…

A man was walking along a very long road, when, suddenly, he saw a cart, with no-one aboard, which had just its wheels turning by themselves, past him in the same direction, so he laughed, and jumped into the cart. He was happy because it would take him to his beloved, singing songs while sitting without any care of why the wheels were operating by themselves–just that they continued in his direction…

A man broke and burned the cart…

A man climbed into the cart, opening his raincoat, he caught the wind, causing the cart to move faster… 

2012, Canada, directed by Elle-Maija Tailfeathers

After the justice system fails the survivor of a brutal, racially-driven sexual assault, she becomes a motorcycle-riding, ass-kicking vigilante who takes on the attackers of other women who've suffered the same fate. 
 Working-Cats.jpg THE WORKING CATS GUIDE TO THE KLONDYKE | 00:09:00 mins
2012, Canada, directed by Veronica Verkley

The Working Cat’s Guide to the Klondike by Veronica Verkley, is a short documentary film recalling the traditional practice of Cat Sledding, which was unique to the area of Dawson City, Yukon, in Canada’s far north.

The film combines archival photographs and super 8 footage along with contemporary interviews, set to the rollicking sounds of local musicians Barnacle Bob, Willie Gordon, and Harmonica George.

Old timers, First Nation storytellers, historians, colourful local characters & modern mushers offer up a rare glimpse of a unique, nearly forgotten method of transportation and way of life.

The greatest story never told about the wild and wonderful history of the Klondike: a land full of storytellers, magical landscapes and strange things done.

WIFTV shares the closing night stage with CWWA and they announce this year's winner of the WIDC Feature Film Award, a $120, 000 in kind prize designed to encourage more feature films directed by women in British Columbia and supported by some of Canada's most influential screen-industry companies, administered by Creative Women Workshop Association (CWWA). 



VIWIFF presents the best of the festival awards for achievement in a short, mid-length, and feature film, as well as cinematography, performance, screenwriting, sound, and direction. Awards are chosen by an independent jury of industry professionals.


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Established in 1989, Women In Film + Television Vancouver Society (WIFTV) is an internationally-affiliated non-profit society committed to advancing and celebrating women in screen-based media. We are the Vancouver chapter of Women in Film + Television International (WIFTI), which counts more than 10,000 members world-wide.