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Webinar Recordings

posted on 3:18 AM, May 19, 2020

Webinar Recordings

Meet Your Fellow WIFTV Members hosted by Debra Sears with guest members Esabella Strickland and Kerry McDowall (Feb 2, 2021)https://vimeo.com/508655215

WIFT Canada Presents: Decolonizing the Film Set (Dec 3, 2020)

Meet Your Fellow WIFTV Members hosted by Darlene Tait, with guest members Elfina Luk, Waneta Storms, Micah Kelpin, and Brittany Melanson(Dec 1, 2020)https://vimeo.com/486672961

WIFT Canada presents Ask the Experts: Our Mental Health in the Covid Era (Nov 5, 2020)https://vimeo.com/481485024

Meet Your Fellow WIFTV Membershosted by Debra Sears with Guest MembersKatherine Kadler, Aixa Kay and Adriana Jones, and Krista Magnusson (Nov 3, 2020)https://vimeo.com/475709526

WILLIAM F. WHITE Networking Coffee with Guest speakers: Lindsay Peters, Jessica Bradford, and Krista Magnusson. Interviewed by WIFTV board member, Peggy Thompson with hostKatrinaMugume (Oct 20, 2020)https://vimeo.com/471219137

Meet Your Fellow WIFTV Members hosted by Debra Sears with Guest MembersRachelle Chartrand and Sarah Watts (Oct 6, 2020)https://vimeo.com/466356999

WIFTV Craft Q&A:Make-Up Design with Norma Patton-Lowin, hosted by Carleen Kyle (Oct 5, 2020)https://vimeo.com/466390050

WILLIAM F. WHITE Networking Coffee with Guest speakers:AfronVan Connect, Tobi Owobowale, and Praise Osifo, and hosted byKatrina Mugume(Sept 15, 2020)https://vimeo.com/461873189

WIFTVMeet Your Fellow Members with host Darlene Tait and guest member Veronika Kurz (Sept 1, 2020)https://vimeo.com/454063936

WIFTVMeet Your Fellow Members with host Debra Sears and guest member Michelle Morris (July 21, 2020)https://vimeo.com/441461734

WILLIAM F. WHITE Networking Coffee Chat with Guest speaker:Tia Taurere Clearsky, interviewed by Odessa Shuquaya, and hosted by Katrina Mugume.(July 21, 2020)https://vimeo.com/442162038

WIFTV Craft Q&A: Editing with Lara Mazur, hosted by Carleen Kyle (July 7th, 2020):https://vimeo.com/436669668

WIFT Canada presents a Cross Country Check In With Amanda Tapping, Juanita Peters and Brigitte Monneau (July 9th, 2020):https://vimeo.com/437505656

WIFT Canada presents A conversation with Minister Guilbeault : Women & Screen Industries Before and During COVID 19.Hosted by award-winning TVand Radio host,Sabine Daniel (June 22, 2020):https://vimeo.com/431557776

WILLIAM F. WHITE Networking Coffee with Guest speakers: Jason Karman, Carleen Kyle, and Antonia Ramirez (June 16, 2020):https://vimeo.com/430078659

WIFT Canada Virtual Town Hall - Insurance. Presenters include Brigitte LeBlanc,Anne Schneerer,Darlene Milley,Marcia Douglas, and moderated by Michelle Wong (June 11, 2020):https://vimeo.com/428631581

WIFT CANADA presents a moderated discussion with Blue Ant Media, Super Channel, and Corus (June 2, 2020):

WIFT CANADA Presents: Making Simulated Sex Scenes Safer with Lindsay Somers & Casey Hudecki, hosted by Tracey Deer (May 28th, 2020):

WIFTV - In Conversation with Helen Granqvist and Susan Brinton (May 22nd, 2020):

WILLIAM F. WHITE Networking Coffee with Prem Gill (May 19, 2020):

WIFTV Craft Q&A Directing Television with Siobhan Devine (May 12, 2020):

Creative Women in Leadership: She Sells the World with Marilyn Kynaston, Florencia Gasparini Rey, Loren Syer-Willoughby, Anick Poirier, Nancy Gerstman, and Kate Cundall (May 6, 2020):

Virtual Town Hall with Canada's Broadcasters with Monika Ille, Catherine Tait, and Marie-Philippe Bouchard (April 30, 2020):

Virtual Town Hall with Canada's National Funding & Production Agencies with ClaudeJoli-Coeur,Valerie Creighton, andChrista Dickenson (April 16, 2020):