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Webinar Recordings

posted on 3:18 AM, May 19, 2020

Webinar Recordings

William F. White Coffee Chat with with Julia Niendorf, Director of Post Production, Finale/Picture Shop. Chat Moderated by Katrina Mugume. (June 15, 2021) https://vimeo.com/564843524
William F. White Coffee Chat with Janine Steele, Project Manager of Creative BC's new Domestic Motion Picture Fund. Chat Moderated by Katrina Mugume. (May 18, 2021) https://vimeo.com/555432041
William F. White Coffee Chat with Carmel Tanaka, Elimin8Hate organizer for the Vancouver Asian Film Festival (VAFF), and Barbara Lee, founder of VAFF. Moderated by Katrina Mugume. (April 27, 2021) https://vimeo.com/542338008 
William F. White Coffee Chat with Regina Leung, WIFTV Board Treasurer and chair of ARIA. Moderated by Katrina Megume. VIWFF BoF award winner guests: Maria Brendle for Ala Kachuu—Take and Run, Chen-Wen Lo for In This Land We’re Briefly Ghosts, Farha Khatun for Holy Rights, Jessie Anthony for Brother, I Cry, Zoe Naylor for Birth Time: the documentary, and Lulu Keating for the Ken Hayward Screenplay Competition Award. (March 30, 2021) https://vimeo.com/537837928
William F. White Coffee Chat with Marena Dix, Chair of Festival Programming, and a sneak peek at our soon-to-be-announced VIWFF 2021 program, with special VIWFF 2021 guests: Rhone Rees and Camille Hollett-French from FREYA, and Karen Lam from The Curse of Willow Song. Moderated by Katrina Mugume. (Feb 23, 2021) https://vimeo.com/515865662

Meet Your Fellow WIFTV Members hosted by Debra Sears with guest members Esabella Strickland and Kerry McDowall (Feb 2, 2021) https://vimeo.com/508655215

WIFT Canada Presents: Decolonizing the Film Set (Dec 3, 2020)

Meet Your Fellow WIFTV Members hosted by Darlene Tait, with guest members Elfina Luk, Waneta Storms, Micah Kelpin, and Brittany Melanson (Dec 1, 2020) https://vimeo.com/486672961

WIFT Canada presents Ask the Experts: Our Mental Health in the Covid Era (Nov 5, 2020) https://vimeo.com/481485024 

Meet Your Fellow WIFTV Members hosted by Debra Sears with Guest Members Katherine Kadler, Aixa Kay and Adriana Jones, and Krista Magnusson (Nov 3, 2020) https://vimeo.com/475709526

WILLIAM F. WHITE Networking Coffee with Guest speakers: Lindsay Peters, Jessica Bradford, and Krista Magnusson. Interviewed by WIFTV board member, Peggy Thompson with host Katrina Mugume (Oct 20, 2020) https://vimeo.com/471219137

Meet Your Fellow WIFTV Members hosted by Debra Sears with Guest Members Rachelle Chartrand and Sarah Watts (Oct 6, 2020) https://vimeo.com/466356999

WIFTV Craft Q&A: Make-Up Design with Norma Patton-Lowin, hosted by Carleen Kyle (Oct 5, 2020) https://vimeo.com/466390050

WILLIAM F. WHITE Networking Coffee with Guest speakers: AfronVan Connect, Tobi Owobowale, and Praise Osifo, and hosted by Katrina Mugume (Sept 15, 2020) https://vimeo.com/461873189

WIFTV Meet Your Fellow Members with host Darlene Tait and guest member Veronika Kurz (Sept 1, 2020) https://vimeo.com/454063936

WIFTV Meet Your Fellow Members with host Debra Sears and guest member Michelle Morris (July 21, 2020) https://vimeo.com/441461734

WILLIAM F. WHITE Networking Coffee Chat with Guest speaker: Tia Taurere Clearsky, interviewed by Odessa Shuquaya, and hosted by Katrina Mugume.(July 21, 2020) https://vimeo.com/442162038

WIFTV Craft Q&A: Editing with Lara Mazur, hosted by Carleen Kyle (July 7th, 2020): https://vimeo.com/436669668

WIFT Canada presents a Cross Country Check In With Amanda Tapping, Juanita Peters and Brigitte Monneau (July 9th, 2020): https://vimeo.com/437505656

WIFT Canada presents A conversation with Minister Guilbeault : Women & Screen Industries Before and During COVID 19. Hosted by award-winning TV and Radio host, Sabine Daniel (June 22, 2020): https://vimeo.com/431557776

WILLIAM F. WHITE Networking Coffee with Guest speakers: Jason Karman, Carleen Kyle, and Antonia Ramirez (June 16, 2020): https://vimeo.com/430078659

WIFT Canada Virtual Town Hall - Insurance. Presenters include Brigitte LeBlanc, Anne Schneerer, Darlene Milley, Marcia Douglas, and moderated by Michelle Wong (June 11, 2020): https://vimeo.com/428631581

WIFT CANADA presents a moderated discussion with Blue Ant Media, Super Channel, and Corus (June 2, 2020):

WIFT CANADA Presents: Making Simulated Sex Scenes Safer with Lindsay Somers & Casey Hudecki, hosted by Tracey Deer (May 28th, 2020):

WIFTV - In Conversation with Helen Granqvist and Susan Brinton (May 22nd, 2020):

WILLIAM F. WHITE Networking Coffee with Prem Gill (May 19, 2020):

WIFTV Craft Q&A Directing Television with Siobhan Devine (May 12, 2020): 

Creative Women in Leadership: She Sells the World with Marilyn Kynaston, Florencia Gasparini Rey, Loren Syer-Willoughby, Anick Poirier, Nancy Gerstman, and Kate Cundall (May 6, 2020):

Virtual Town Hall with Canada's Broadcasters with Monika Ille, Catherine Tait, and Marie-Philippe Bouchard (April 30, 2020):

Virtual Town Hall with Canada's National Funding & Production Agencies with Claude Joli-Coeur, Valerie Creighton, and Christa Dickenson (April 16, 2020):