posted on 2:59 PM, January 8, 2016

Women in Film & Television Vancouver (WIFTV) invites the BC Screen-Based Media Community to submit nominations for the 2016 Spotlight Awards.

Deadline for Nominations: Monday, February 29, 2016.

Nominees must have been residents of British Columbia for the last year, and have given their permission to be nominated. 

To nominate someone, please fill out the Nomination Form and send it via email to operations@womeninfilm.ca 

Click here to download the Nomination Form.

 Established in 1999, the Spotlight Awards™ have brought together the BC Film community to celebrate the outstanding achievements of BC women in screen-based media. The awards also honour those who have mentored and created opportunities for other women in our industry and who have increased the depth and diversity of portrayals of women on screen.

Awards will be presented at The Spotlight Awards Gala™ in June 2016


The Woman of the Year Award is presented to an industry leader who has achieved significant success and who has created opportunities for other women in the industry.  Recent winners include Patricia Gruben, Shauna Hardy Mishaw, Tracey Friesen, Carol Whiteman, and Lynn Booth.

The Artistic Achievement Award honours a screen-based media artist (i.e. writer, director, producer, editor, director of photography or performer) who has created an outstanding recent work or a significant body of work. Recent winners include: Madeleine Grant, Nimisha Mukerji, Lara Mazur, Penelope Buitenhuis, and Katrin Bowen.

The Innovation Award honours a key creator of a recent production or body of work that exemplifies vision, experimentation and innovation. Recent winners include: Pauline Heaton, Jenn and Sylvia Soska, Karen Lam, Jill Sharpe, and Dana Claxton.

The Wayne Black Service Award honours a major contributor to the screen-based media community, while working ‘behind the scenes’. Named in memory of Wayne Black, a lab manager, who gave tirelessly of his time and talent. Recent winners include: Maureen Webb, Michelle Mason, Robyn Wiener, Barbara Lee, and Dusty Kelly.

The Honoured Friend Award recognizes a person who has played a significant role in supporting women in the industry and promoting the goals of WIFTV. Men are eligible to be nominated for this award. Recent winners include: Don Thompson, Ed Brando, Bill Hurst, Malcolm Parry, and Alexandra Raffe.

The Sharon Gibbon Award honours a WIFTV member who has made a major volunteer contribution in advancing the organization’s goals. In memory of Sharon Gibbon, a deeply committed board member whose career was cut too short. Recent winners include: Elizabeth Yake, Tracey Mack, Roslyn Muir, Wendy D, and Debra Sears.

The Image Award is awarded to a writer, director or director of photography of an outstanding short work that shows production excellence or a unique, visionary approach. Recent winners include: Michelle Brezinski, Jennifer Campbell, Elle-MaijaTailfeathers, Jenn Strom, and Banchi Hanuse.

The Leadership in Education Award is presented to a screen industry teacher who has demonstrated a commitment to creating opportunities for and sharing expertise with women students within an academic or professional development context. Recent winners include: Ingrid Torrance, Lori Triolo, Michèle Lonsdale Smith and Doreen Manuel.

New This Year:

The Iris Award is given to a person who has demonstrated a commitment to the promotion of women creators and their screen-based works either through curating or programming, or through print and online media sources. Named after the Greek mythological figure Iris, associated with communication, messages, the rainbow and new endeavors, Men are eligible to be nominated for this award.

The Newcomer Award recognizes a new artist or technician, including one who is shifting from one career to another (i.e. from an actor to a director) whose first few works have laid the foundation for an inspiring new career.