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From Our Dark Side

posted on 4:09 PM, August 16, 2017

Applications now open!

A national English language contest seeking the best in Canadian women-driven Genre Film ideas.

Why genre?Genre is a form that can explore a wide range of creative themes from politics to our darkest fears. It is also highly marketable, drawing critical attention, audience and box office revenue to its creators and production team because of the dedicated and passionate genre fanbases. To give a fresh take on these genre stock characters and tropes, we are currently seeing more reboots with female protagonists and points of view. Women are beginning to take ownership of the form, making serious inroads in genre internationally, with original and empowered leads such as Wonder Woman or the main character Amelia in the recent indie horror hit from Australia, The Babadook. These characters defy genre stereotypes of women as hyper-sexualized, helpless victims and play both with and against time tested genre tropes (which is key to genre success).

The ultimate goal of the contest is to increase the participation of women in visionary leadership roles both on and off screen and to make some kick-ass films.

For full contest details click here.

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