20th Anniversary Spotlight Awards™ Gala 


Since 1999, the Spotlight Awards™ have brought together the BC Film community to celebrate the outstanding achievements of BC women in screen-based media. 


All the Details

 Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Theme: a nod to Classic Black Tie


Doors: 7:00pm

Ceremony: 8:00pm-10:00pm

Intermission: 9:00pm

Event Ends: 11:00pm

Roundhouse Community Centre 

Exhibition Hall 

181 Roundhouse Mews


Hosted by Actress & Comedian

Morgan Brayton

Our greeters will lead you to your table,

where you will enjoy

live entertainment & a photo op.

Various platters & appetizers,

celebratory cake, cash bar serving

wine from Liberty Wine Merchants &

beer from East Van Brewing Company.


*This is a 19+ event 


2019 Spotlight Awards™ Categories & Recipients:


Doreen Manuel is the recipient of the Woman of the Year Award


This award is presented to an industry leader who has achieved significant success and who has created opportunities for other women in the industry. Doreen Manuel is currently the Director of the Bosa Centre for Film and Animation at Capilano University and is the first Indigenous woman to head a major academic filmmaking training institution in Canada.   


Julia Ivanova is the recipient of the Artistic Achievement Award


 This award honours a screen-based media artist (i.e. writer, director, producer, editor, director of photography or performer) who has created an outstanding recent work or a significant body of work. Julia Ivanova is a prolific award-winning Vancouver director, writer and editor who has made ten feature-length film and television documentaries that have appeared in numerous festivals. 


Ann Marie Fleming is the recipient of the Artistic Achievement Award 


 This award honours a screen-based media artist (i.e. writer, director, producer, editor, director of photography or performer) who has created an outstanding recent work or a significant body of work. Ann Marie Fleming is an award-winning independent filmmaker, writer, and artist, who creates work that addresses themes of family, identity, history, and memory, whose latest film premiered at Hot Docs.


Amy Fox is the recipient of the Innovation Award  


 This award honours a key creator of a recent production or body of work that exemplifies vision, experimentation and innovation. Amy Fox’s ground-breaking work has unapologetically trailblazed an unusual path to success in an industry traditionally resistant toward female ideas and leadership and has created opportunities for transgender actors in lead roles portraying transgender characters.

Robert Wong is the recipient of the Honoured Friend Award 


 This award recognizes a person who has played a significant role in supporting women in the industry and promoting the goals of WIFTV. As Vice-President at Creative BC, Robert Wong is a champion of inclusion, gender parity and diversity, and has moderated several panels over the years at WIFTV including the Gender and Inclusion forum at the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival.

Meeshelle Neal and Jax Smith will be presented with the Image Award


 This is awarded to a director, writer, editor or director of photography of an outstanding short work that shows production excellence or a unique, visionary approach. Duo Meeshelle Neal and Jax Smith are risk takers, whose films tell relevant stories in uniquely creative ways. Their work has brought together women, both veterans and newcomers of the industry, to create art that is brave.

Natasha Tony is the recipient of the Leadership in Education Award


 This award is presented to a screen industry teacher who has demonstrated a commitment to creating opportunities for and sharing expertise with women students within an academic or professional development context. After fifteen years in casting, Natasha Tony expanded her training to hone her skills in advocacy, training, negotiation, and conflict management. She has developed curriculum on workplace safety, diversity and inclusion.

Suzanne Thompson will be awarded the Wayne Black Award


 This award honours a major contributor to the screen-based media community while working ‘behind the scenes. Named in memory of Wayne Black, a lab manager, who gave tirelessly of his time and talent. Suzanne Thompson is a leading advocate for the film and television industry and the current VP of Sales at Encore Vancouver. She is involved as a board member in a number of industry organizations.

Shana Myara is the recipient of the Iris Award


 This award is given to a person who has demonstrated a commitment to the promotion of women creators and their screen-based works either through curating or programming or through print and online media sources. Named after the Greek mythological figure Iris, associated with communication, messages, the rainbow and new endeavours. For years, Shana Myara has been working to create intersectional opportunities for women and people from many diverse communities. As Director of Festival Programming for the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, she curated 50 percent of the festival’s feature programs to be created by women.

Mayumi Yoshida is the recipient of the Newcomer Award


 This award recognizes a new artist or technician, including one who is shifting from one career to another (i.e. from an actor to a director) whose first few works have laid the foundation for an inspiring new career. Mayumi Yoshida is a successful award-winning working actor in Vancouver, who has made impressive contributions to the arts and has been featured in numerous festivals.

The Impact Award will be awarded in honour of Barb Cranmer 


 This award is presented for a career, or singular body of work, that creates a significant impact through breaking boundaries, investigating historical experiences, and; or challenging perceptions. This year, it will be awarded to Barb Cranmer, who recently passed away. Belonging to the U’mista Cultural Society and the T’sasala Cultural Group, Barb Cranmer was a documentary filmmaker whose works documented cultural renewal and traditional knowledge of First Nations of Canada’s North Pacific Coast. Read a tribute to Barb written by her publicist Teresa Marshall here.

Dawn McCormick will be presented with the Sharon Gibbon Award


 This award honours a WIFTV member who has made a major volunteer contribution in advancing the organization’s goals. In memory of Sharon Gibbon, a deeply committed board member whose career was cut too short. Upon retiring, Dawn McCormick has been volunteering with WIFTV over the past 5 years, and has been instrumental in coordinating volunteers for various WIFTV events.

Lily Hui is the recipient of the Special Jury Award for Outstanding Career


  This award is presented to a person with a profound career in the industry, and a favourite of the jury. Wearing so many hats, it was difficult for the jury to find a fitting category.  Lily Hui has had an incredible career that has spanned over 30 years in film and television, including a promotion as executive producer on an award-winning television series.

Amanda Coles is the recipient of the Please Adjust Your Set Award


 This award recognizes a person or organization (local, national or international) who has made a major contribution to gender equity in the film, television and screen- based industries. Amanda Coles has researched and investigated our national film and television organizations and the structural impediments to gender equity and inclusion. Her work has provided essential analysis and data that has assisted in launching new policies and programs designed to address these issues.


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