Please begin by using one of our online application forms below: our secure system will automatically register you and accept payment by credit card (using PayPal). It will also allow you to opt to pay by cheque, at which point you will be able to print out your invoice and mail your payment to us. If you would prefer to join over the phone, please call 604-685-1152.

Note: RENEWALS are accessed through your membership profile.
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All women and gender diverse people are welcome to become members of WIFTV.

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If you are applying for a discounted fee, please forward the applicable supporting documentation to our office.

When we have received your payment and your complete application (including all required supporting documents), your application will be reviewed and presented for ratification at the next regular board meeting.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: If you think you have paid by credit card and you do not get an email from PayPal (a PayPal receipt), then your transaction DID NOT GO THROUGH. Please try again, or email us to confirm. Thank you for supporting WIFTV!