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Shairah *
Current Profession: Genre: Action/Drama/Adventure Awards and Nominations: Winner: Urban Action Showcase International Film Festival, New York Official Film Selection: Artemis Women in Action Film Festival, Santa Monica, California Official Film Selection: La Femme International Film Festival, Los Angeles, California Official Film Selection: Action Film Festival, Las Vegas, California Best Action Short: Action on Film International Film Festival, Monrovia, California Music/Sound Design Credits: Music Composer/Supervisor: Shairah Music Editor: Shairah Audio Engineer: Shairah Sound Designer: Shairah Dialogue/ADR: Shairah FX Editing/Mixing: Shairah Music Mixing: Shairah Sound Design Mixing: Shairah 5.1 Surround Sound Mixing: Shairah Mastering: Shairah **PLEASE NOTE** Reminder that when you hire my company/me on for anything Post Production Audio you further qualify for all BC Tax Credits your Production will apply for including the Distant Location Regional Tax Credit (+6%) as well as the DAVE Post-Production Tax Credit (+16%)