Vanessa Henderkien Wright


Vanessa Henderkien Wright, a First Generation Canadian on her maternal side, (who originated from the Netherlands) spent most of her formative school years in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. A wonderful assortment of life experiences in Motown emboldened her soul. Creative roots flowing naturally on all sides, with a colorful family comprised of artists, musicians and storytellers... creative expression in writing and performance were an inherent trait. Vanessa has been a dedicated student of Ballet from the age of three. When Vanessa was approached to begin a modelling career for an known agency from the age of 14, she spent many years in the modelling industry becoming accustomed to lights and camera work, focusing on body movement and angles, grace, expression and theatrical performance. Theatre and music classes throughout junior and high school merged with her ongoing love for all things creative. It was with a wistful poet's heart that she left her stomping ground to settle on Vancouver Island, British Columbia where then she studied and earned degree's in Art History, Literature, and Creative Writing. With a developed passion for all-things-aesthetic, Vanessa's keen eye for style and easy ability for communication brought her new endeavors within the Fashion Industry. A fateful change in path came when Vanessa paired with her husband (Simon Norton Game, a filmmaker) to collaborate their mutual creative storytelling pursuits which have led Vanessa to further complete both a notable Screenwriting program and further Acting. A culmination of Vanessa's accomplishments within the arts have evolved into dynamic roles as Writer, Creatrive, Producer, and Actress.

  • Area(s) of Interest: Writers; Actors; Producers
  • Current Profession: Producer/Creative/Writer
  • Company/Employer: Pioneer Filmworks Ltd.
  • Work References or Credits: Disrien 2015 - Producer Pioneer Filmworks Ltd. 2015 to present Creative/Staff Writer/Art Director The Enchanted Bookstand - Writer/Art Director
  • Website: