Anna Rea


I am a recent Vancouver Film School film production graduate. At VFS I specialized in production design and cinematography. I am looking to enter the film industry as an art department professional. At this point I am open to all work under the art department sphere as I want to stay well-rounded. Prior to film school I earned a bachelor's degree in biology with first class standing. I also worked as an outdoor educator leading multi-day backcountry trips for youth every summer from 2012-2017. I am also a contemporary visual artist, and have been dedicating equal time and investment to both film and art. I have been working hard to finesse my craft and make it into art shows and galleries. I believe that my background makes me a well-rounded and adaptable person. I am highly personable and friendly, and collaborating with others/working on a team is my favorite thing. At this point, I am eager to jump into the deep end and try new things. I am inspired and invigorated by Vancouver's indie film scene and can't wait to contribute more.

  • Area(s) of Interest: Set Decorations; Art Department; Wardrobe
  • Current Profession: Freelance art department crew and contemporary artist
  • Company/Employer:
  • Work References or Credits:

    Dallas Smith - Timeless (Music Video) - Set Decorator and Prop Master November 2019 Kafka Pictures

    The Washboard Union - Country Thunder (Music Video) - Set Decorator and Prop Master Kafka Pictures October 2019

    La Danza - Production Designer Winner of the Run & Gun: Blood & Guts best production design award This is a Spoon Studios October 2019

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