Chanika Desilva


Chanika has a Bachelor of Performance, Music and Theatre, Graduate Diploma in Education and is a part of the NSW Writerís Association. And continues to study under Chubbuck, Sydney actors collective and Haven Studios here in Vancouver.

  • Area(s) of Interest: Writers; Casting; Actors
  • Current Profession: Actress, Drama Teacher, Special Needs/Primary teacher, yoga instructor.
  • Company/Employer: Insta @silvascreens
  • Work References or Credits: Chanika made her little screen comedy debut under the watchful eye of Aussie Comedy Legend, Matt Okine; The Other Guy (STAN, 2017) and can currently be seen on The Chaserís ABC Comedy Skit show, The Checkout (ABC, 2018), Hyde and Seek (Ch9, 2016), The Reckoning (US 2019), Unlisted (ABC 2019), Reef Break (ABC 2019). Chanika has written her own self-penned web-series, BS Detector (2014) during her time in LA delving into a world where a BS Detector will catch you out on all the little white liesí we tell one another. Chanika is also an accomplished voice artist, childrenís entertainer and writer. Her many film and television credits can be found on IMDB.
  • Website: