Tina-Marie Springham


Tina-Marie Springham Biography Fall 2019 Tina-Marie Springham is a Canadian-born actor, writer, voice-over artist and songwriter/singer, currently based in Vancouver. Tina-Marie spent ten years living and working as a songwriter/singer and recording artist in Los Angeles, penning lyrics for songs that went on to become Top20 and Top10 Adult Contemporary singles, with several of them (‘Simple Girl’, ‘Maybe’, ‘Let Go’) being placed in TV shows that are currently still in syndication around the world. Tina-Marie even scored a Top40 single on the USA Christian charts. (’High In The Sky’). Working between L.A and Vancouver, Tina-Marie has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the North American independent film industry. As well as working consistently in film and TV, Tina-Marie has booked many voice-over roles in the animation, narration and corporate/commercial world including, ITIL (UK), Theravue (USA), BC Knowledge Network, Dr’s of BC Strategic Framework, PowHER TV/ShawTV #NotetoSelf, The Return (USA) and many more. Tina-Marie has also been highly competitive in the fitness and personal training industry. Competing in several different federations between 2011 and 2016 in the Figure & Fitness category, she quickly advanced from novice to National Level, by winning 12 first and second trophies and one Overall Title. Acting, writing and directing are now first priority for Tina-Marie. She continues to study her craft in between filming and has worked with some of the best teachers in the business including, Ben Ratner, Brian Markinson, Jeb Beach, Tony Alcantar, Stuart Aikins, Noel Johansen, Alison Araya, Paul Weber, Linda Darlow, Vincent Chase and many more. Audiences can see Tina-Marie in the upcoming feature films ‘Broken’ (USA), & ’Blue Hour’ (CDN), and in the multiple award winning short films ‘A Calling’, ‘Amphora’ ‘Header’. Others to watch for later in 2019 are ’Sterling Road’ (CDN), ‘Through Darkness, I See You’ (CDN), ‘Complete Reality’ (CDN). Tina-Marie is also becoming more and more involved in the Casting & Production side of things and has her sights set on directing in 2020. She is currently creating her ‘Confidence Building’ workshops for actors and is also involved in a project centring around children’s books and animation.

All things creative are what drives her these days. Contact her on her website https://tinamariespringham.wixsite.com/tinamariespringham

  • Area(s) of Interest: Writers; Directors; Casting
  • Current Profession: Actor, voice-over Actor, writer, casting, producer, director, Confidence Coach for women and actors and a public speaking coach for kids
  • Company/Employer: Self-employed
  • Work References or Credits: please see attached resume
  • Website: https://tinamariespringham.wixsite.com/tinamariespringham