Trona Lee Garvie


I started shooting with an 8mm film camera for my dad when I was 10. I moved up to a betacam/vhscam in my teens, shooting sports and dance recitals and other things for my father, who used the footage for coaching his athletes and then after contracting ALS, to watch his children compete and perform. I became a graphic designer/photographer in my 20s and did some volunteering for SHAW and shot hockey games for a couple of teams in the WHL. at the age of 29, the Motion Picture Arts Production Applied Degree program started up in Red Deer, AB and I fought my way into the program, where I graduated with a 4.0 GPA and created a selection of short films including one that I received my first grant for called "A Mother's Child" which was based on my experience of losing a baby. After spending the next few years working on a variety of different productions, from TV to Film, I took a position as a Mini Documentary Producer/Director/Camera Operator/Editor/Mentor at Bamboo Shoots (Formerly Media Group) in Saskatoon, SK. Although I did do some commercial work, my main focus was the SaskTel maxTV contract. From 2008-2019, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel all over the province (and sometimes to other provinces) and tell people's stories. My over 250 mini documentaries and larger productions cover a very wide variety of subject matter. I also shot and onlined hundreds of live sports and music performances. I am also an actor and dancer and singer... for most of my life. In April of 2019, I came out to Vancouver for a change in my career... I want to tell bigger and more global stories and when it came time to drive... I came West to do that. I love to come up with great stories and direct and shoot and edit and... well, there it is. I am in BC and ready to show the world just how interesting and amazing people can be.

  • Area(s) of Interest: Directors; Actors; Editors
  • Current Profession: Producer/Director/Videographer/Editor/Actor Sales Associate - Flatland Production Services
  • Company/Employer: Freelance Videographer & Editor
  • Work References or Credits:

    Brandon Jarocki – Retired Senior Camera – Bamboo Shoots Thirza Jones – Producer (retired) – Bamboo Shoots 306-664-4725 George Hupka - Owner - Downstream Pictures 306-221-6929 Lisa Unrau – Videographer 306-221-6714 Annelise Larson – Founder & Digital Strategist, & 306-262-4918 Kim Warden – IATSE 300 - Business Agent 306-370-5744 Sean Booth – IATSE 300 - Technician/Journeyman Stagehand 306-203-3913 Cliff Hokanson – Owner/Operator – Too Much Fun Picture Inc 604-351-6945

    Robby Tanner – Engineer – Canadian Light Source & Stunt Coordinator/Actor - ACTRA 306-261-7628

    Darren Zimmer – Stage/Film Director/Actor, Saskatoon, SK 306-381-7132

    Brenda Cheveldayoff – Farmer/Mrs. Canada Globe Classic 2019, Blaine Lake, SK 306-497-7747

    Jim Sax – “Retired TV Guy” 306-717-4129