Alejandra Barker


Born in 1982, Alex Leigh Barker spent a chunk of her teenage years with her parents VCRs hooked together to create pre-Internet "super cuts" of her favourite flicks. Upon graduating from high school she was accepted into SFU where she garnered a BFA in film. After synching countless music video and stringing out dozens upon dozen of corporate videos, Alex slowly worked her way towards the kind of creative projects with talented folks that most kids who join the film industry aim to start making. She is especially proud to have worked on the CBC documentary What Happens Next: A Portrait of Dan Mangan (2012) and the feature films Doppelgänger Paul (2011), and Songs That She Wrote About People She Knows (2014), both of which went to become official selections of the Toronto International Film Festival.

She currently lives in East Vancouver with her two cats, and two humans (a husband and daughter).