Liza Cosier


Hello, I'm Liza Cosier. I am a graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and have been working in this crazy/fun/terrifying/brilliant industry for the past 8 years. Starting out in musicals, progressing to plays and then onto short films and features and television I feel that I have learnt a lot and yet every time I am on set I see all that there is that this industry has to teach me and I think that's one of the best things about this career path. It's never the same. It is forever evolving. My favourite thing about acting is how it makes the audience feel. I know I have had audience members come up to me after seeing me in a play and say how it helped them through something they were currently going through or how it made their night better. And that's also why sometimes I watch tv or a film or a play, to escape from the day, to let go and to get completely lost in another world. In the last 2 years I have also started writing and have a couple of short film scripts that are ready and I am looking to get them out the door! I have also worked as a 2nd APOC on two Hallmark productions and I would love to keep working on the "other side" of the camera!