Princess Davis


Princess Davis is a Canadian Actress and Model born in Toronto, Ontario and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. Princess' passion for stories and her desire to make people feel and above all see; led her to want to become an actress. She began her career at six as a child background performer, where she discovered her love for acting and passionately immersed herself into acting classes.

Princess is always pushing herself to learn from different perspectives; since 2014 Princess has trained with many notable acting coaches; Vancouver Young Actors School, Leblanc School of Acting, Mcilroy & Associates and Vancouver Acting School - which she took a 6 month Full-Time Film/TV and Voiceover Diploma program.

Immediately graduating the 6-month course, Princess enrolled in a full-time 9-month Theatre Conservatory Program to fuller enhance her skills. She has been constantly training for 5 years.

She started working on theater sets in her High School production and moved into local community theaters. Her favorite role on stage was playing Sue Baylis in All My Sons. In 2016 she booked her first TV role on a Nickelodeon production where she learned a ton and since has been working on numerous productions on Film/TV, Commercials and Motion Capture.

Princess' natural charisma and immensely strong work ethic constantly pushes her towards new opportunities and achieving her goals. She is signed with RED Management in the Film/ TV and Voice Over departments and is continuously working towards her goals alongside her amazing team.

  • Area(s) of Interest: Directors; Casting; Actors
  • Current Profession: Actress.
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