Princess Davis


Princess Davis is an Actress born in Toronto Ontario, Canada and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. Princess had a love for acting since she was three years old. As her love and passion for acting grew, her mother enrolled her at Vancouver Young Actors School were she excelled. While still in high school, she trained at LeBlanc School of Acting and with the youth director at McIlroy & Associates. She started working on theatre productions in her High School. On stage, she has appeared in numerous plays such as 'You Still Can't' by Ron Reed, 'Witness For The Prosecution' by Agatha Christie and 'All My Son' by Arthur Miller. Her favorite role on stage was playing Sue Baylis in 'All My Sons'. During high school, she worked on Nickelodeon's Rufus 2: Catastrophe Unleashed (2016) directed by Savage Steve Holland.

After graduating high school, Princess attended Vancouver Acting School where she successfully graduated and received a Diploma in Film/TV and Voice-over. As her passion for the craft grew stronger, she went back to Vancouver Acting School and took an advanced course and graduated with distinction where she received a Diploma in Theatre Conservatory.

She booked a Leading role on a VLE project called Gemini Rising (2019) and a Supporting role on Rocking On Air (2019) which premiered at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival. She also worked on Peer Pressure (2019), Chokehold (2020) and Oxygen (2020). In 2020 Princess worked on Cats and Dogs 3: Paws Unite (2020), a trilogy to the Cats and Dogs franchise directed by Sean McNamara and Weddings Every Weekend (2020) Directed by Kevin Fair.

In 2021, Princess will be seen in The Long Island Serial Killer: A Mother's Hunt for Justice (2021) Directed by Stan M. Brooks, Always A bridesmaid (2021) Directed by Aubrey Arnason, The Four Fathers (2021) Directed by Ian Nsenga, The Right Swipe (2021) Directed by Omorose Osagie and Imperfect High (2021) Directed by Siobhan Devine and Yellowjackets (2021) Marvel Battleworld: Treachery at Twilight (2021) voicing Black Widow 2099. She will also be seen in various Animated Voice-Over projects, and films premiering early 2022. 

Princess has a deep desire to continuously expand her erudition in her craft, she takes advanced classes with Andrew McIlroy at McIlroy & Associates and at ACT2 Pro with Nadine Wright. She is Represented by RED Management and resides in Vancouver.

  • Area(s) of Interest: Directors; Casting; Actors
  • Current Profession: Actress
  • Company/Employer: RED Management
  • Work References or Credits: list available upon request
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