Jenny Norris


I was laid off from my job as an accounting clerk at Corus Entertainment at age 63. A week later I registered with a background agency and shortly after that was hired to appear in "The Man in the High Castle". Since then I have worked regularly in tv and movie productions in the Lower Mainland. Even though the pay is low and the hours are long I am excited every time I get booked and I never turn down an opportunity that has come my way. I have my own agent now and audition often for commercials and small roles. I am blessed to look younger than my years but my mantra is "It's not too late - you are not too old - you are right on time - you are better than you know".

  • Area(s) of Interest: Accounting; Actors; Art Department
  • Current Profession: Actress
  • Company/Employer: Self employed
  • Work References or Credits: