Ariel Hansen


One of the founding members of Bad Cookie Pictures Ariel Hansen lends her skills as a director, actor, writer and producer to the team. A connoisseur of horror, Ariel absorbed as much knowledge as she could on the various film sets she worked on as an actor in order to learn how to bring her nightmares to life. The first nightmare she birthed into the world was Ready to Burst, a pregnancy-based horror that acted as her debut as a writer and director. Since then she’s worked on The Man in the Rabbit Mask, Paint the Town Red, Relaxing Rituals ASMR and most recently Nepenthes as a director. Behind the camera, Ariel seeks to create a collaborative atmosphere allowing those she works with to bring new ideas to the table and contribute to her vision.

As an actor Ariel started in the Victoria theatre scene where she played characters like Peter Pan and Puck before moving to Vancouver to pursue the film and television side of her craft. After completing the Fulltime Intensive at Schoolcreative she continued to work tirelessly furthering her training and working on as many films as she could. In 2016 all that hard work began to pay off with a Best Actress nomination at the Vancouver Badass Film Festival for her work in What’s That Sound? and a Best Acting Performance win at the East Van Showcase for her performance in Ghost Can. This trend continued through 2017 where Ariel was nominated for Best Actress at both the Vancouver Badass Film Festival and the PDXtreme Film Festival for her leading role in Ready to Burst. With the completion of The Devil and I where she stars as Hannah it will be exciting to see what new opportunities 2018 brings.

  • Area(s) of Interest: Writers; Directors; Actors
  • Current Profession: Actor, Director & Writer
  • Company/Employer: Bad Cookie Pictures
  • Work References or Credits: Clout - Writer/Director/Lead Actor Nepenthes - Writer/Director The Devil and I - Lead Actor/Producer Time Heals No Wounds - Producer Paint the Town Red - Writer/Director/Lead Actor Ready to Burst - Writer/Director/Producer/Lead Actor Ghost Can - Lead Actor
  • Website: