Joyce Kline


Joyce is a Leo award winning "wide achiever" whose interdisciplinary approach stems from an eclectic career as a visual artist, writer, playwright, dancer, theatre and film designer and storyboard artist. She has exhibited internationally and been awarded Ontario, Toronto and Canada Council visual arts and arts writing grants. She was a finalist in The Writers' Union of Canada's 2009 Writing for Children competition, an honourable mention in New Flash Fiction Review's Anton Chekhov Award, and a quarter finalist in ScreenCraft's 2020 Animation Competition. Her plays have been performed or workshopped in Victoria, Vancouver and Toronto. A former dancer, she has performed in Canada, England and France.

In 2017 she won a Leo award for Best Production Design in a Short Drama on Connor Gaston's multiple award-winning The Cameraman.

Currently, she hosts Cinevic Society of Independent Filmmakers' new podcast Push In-The Cinevic Podcast and just completed her first short film Cancelled Stamp, which she wrote, directed and co-produced.

In all her creative endeavours, Joyce exhibits dedication, innovation and collaboration.

  • Area(s) of Interest: Writers; Directors; Art Department
  • Current Profession: Production designer, writer/director, set decorator
  • Company/Employer: self
  • Work References or Credits: Shorts: Cancelled Stamp, writer/director Joyce Kline; My Name Is Arnold, director Arnold Lim; Empty Spaces (post), director Lukas Hanulak; Wormies (post), director Octavian Kaul; I'm Sorry I Love You (pre-production), director Leah Flagg; The Cameraman, director Connor Gaston; Encore, director Connor Gaston; All-In Madonna, director Arnold Lim; The Still Life of Annika Myers, director Matthew Blecha. Features: Open for Submissions, director/producer Bryan Skinner. Storyboards: CAW, director Jeremy Lutter; The Hollow Child, director Jeremy Lutter