Anna-Lisa Jones


I am a freelance writer, story editor and have been a marketer and business consultant for the past 25 years. A graduate of UBC and an honours grad of BCIT, I have written for a wide range of international companies and have served as a story editor for StoryMaker Entertainment/T'seneglobe's award-winning script Restoration, for StoryMaker's award-winning short "Scarlet" and the motorcycle feature "Indian Summer". I continue to work with Story Editor/Researcher for StoryMaker's epic, indigenous-focused Sci-Fi series "Kanata", currently in development. My own key project is a "The Lucy Gray Agency," a 1/2 hour comedy I created and co-wrote with my sister, Pamela Jones... We have the ability to finish each other's sentences (and usually read each other's minds), so we make the perfect duo to bring Lucy and her quirky friends to life. I am also a visual artist who has developed a form of art that I call photosculpture. Photographs are my "clay"; the act of changing them is the sculpting, and final form represents the story of its metamorphosis. I am actively looking for story editing work.

  • Area(s) of Interest: Writers; Editors
  • Current Profession: Freelance writer, story editor and TV series creator and co-writer.
  • Company/Employer: StoryMaker Entertainment
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