Anna Barsukova


Anna Barsukova has been doing sports and played music since she was a child. She would compete for prizes in rhythmic gymnastics competitions and win first prizes in regional violin competitions. After completing, in 2001, her studies at the Academy of Music as a violinist and symphony orchestra conductor, Anna earned a higher degree from Rachmaninov State Conservatoire in Rostov, in 2006, and played together with many accomplished composers and musicians of our times including Yuriy Bashmet, Sergey Yakovenko, and Giya Kancheli. In 2016, Anna retrained to become a film director. She graduated with honors. Web:


1. Broken Path (2016), short feature film;

2. You Are Not Alone (2017), documentary short film (media, awards, feedback);

3. Voice For The Voiceless (2019), documentary short film

  • Area(s) of Interest: Writers; Directors; Camera Department
  • Current Profession: Director/ writer/ cinematographer
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