Doralynn Mui


Doralynn Mui is a Vancouver-based actor. She has appeared in multiple television shows, pilots, and feature films. She is also active in the indie film community. Some credits include: Skye and Chang (APTN), Blink (CW), and Romeo Section (CBC), The Perfection (Miramax), Spontaneous (Awesomeness).

In addition to acting, she has also studied Film Production at Simon Fraser University. She has experienced other roles behind the camera, such as directing, writing, set designing, and other crew roles.

Above all, Doralynn is excited about telling stories and being a part of the storytelling process.

  • Area(s) of Interest: Writers; Actors
  • Current Profession: Actor
  • Company/Employer:
  • Work References or Credits:

    The Perfectoon (Miramax), Spontaneous (Awesomeness), Skye and Chang (APTN), Romeo Section (CBC), Blink (CBC), Mattress (Tamergent Productions)

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