Miho Yamamoto


In 1996, Miho Yamamoto started her career in broadcasting in Japan. After working at a number of TV and radio stations for eight years, Miho relocated to Canada to study filmmaking at Vancouver Film School in 2004. Since graduating from VFS, she has worked on many feature films and TV series (“Deadpool”, “X-Files”, “Power Rangers”, etc) in the Art Department / Props to build her skills and experience on set. Her persistence and strong story telling skills shined in the feature documentary film “The Exhibition”. Miho produced the film with the award winning Director Damon Vignale. The two of them gathered hundreds of hours of interviews concerning the missing women’s issue and followed one artist’s journey trying to shed light on the women. This film won multiple awards including the International Emmy Award 2014, PBS Frontline Michael Sullivan Award 2014 and the Canadian Screen Award in 2015.

  • Area(s) of Interest: Directors; Properties; Producers
  • Current Profession: Producer / Art Department
  • Company/Employer:
  • Work References or Credits:

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