Dale Willman


Dale was born in Manitoba and started her globe trotting at the wee age of 3 months with her first move to Germany. She spent the majority of her life living all across Canada with a second stint in Germany in the 80's.

Dale had an eclectic array of jobs. Utilizing her logistical side, she worked as an accounting tech, secretary, supervisor responsible for very large sums of money to eventually owning her own business. Her creative side saw her becoming a costumer to a children's theatre program and eventually moved into acting and screenwriting.

Her logistical and creative combined when she worked in the production side of the film industry in casting. Her most challenging film job was as the lead background casting assistant for Book of Negroes TV mini-series in 2014.

Dale was a passionate supporter of the Film Industry in Nova Scotia and a co-founder of a group called HalifACTS, well-known in NS for their free workshops, seminars and support helping actors and filmmakers.

She has brought that passion with her when she moved to Vancouver to pursue acting full-time and has immersed herself within the acting community in BC.

She recently pitched her comedy episodic to CBC at the 2nd Vancouver PitchFest and they asked for more materials!!!!

  • Area(s) of Interest: Writers; Casting; Actors
  • Current Profession: Actor Casting assistant Accounting clerk
  • Company/Employer: Kirk Talent Management - Candace Fulton
  • Work References or Credits: http://www.imdb.me/dalewillman
  • Website: https://dalewillman.workbooklive.com/