Jaime Gianopoulos


30 year old Jaime Leigh started her path of filmmaking at age 19 when she traveled with a small crew to Kosovo to create her first feature documentary film "A Promise is a Promise." Since then she has gone on to pursue photography, directing, producing, and editing. Jaime is a graduate with a degree in Film Production from The Toronto Film School. She has worked in various departments on films such as "This Movie is Broken" Bruce MacDonald, "Beeba Boys" Deepa Mehta etc...She has created environmental PSA's with The Wilderness Society Australia, and worked with corporate film/photoraphy for Air New Zealand, All Black's Rugby, Flight Centre...

Jaime is passionate about women's empowerment stories. Her most recent works include shooting, producing, and editing "Edu" short documentary film shot in Pedernales, Ecuador. The small town hit by a 7.8 earth quake April 16th 2016. Directing, producing, editing "O Florescer Da Voz" short documentary film shot in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Exploring the idea that powerful women have been erased from history and it is now time to tell their stories. Uncovering the story of Anastasia, an African Slave brought to Brazil. Weaving the story through the voice of a modern day African, Brazlian poet Mel Duarte.

  • Area(s) of Interest: Directors; Editors; Producers
  • Current Profession: Director, Editor
  • Company/Employer: self employed
  • Work References or Credits:
  • Website: www.jaimegianopoulos.com