Melinda Friedman


Originally from NYC, I moved to Vancouver for film school, met a nice Canadian boy and never left. We spent a couple of years in LA before coming back here permanently. I spent the next 15 years moving up the editing ladder from an apprentice on Jumanji to an assistant editor on low budget features to finally becoming an editor. I cut a variety of shows from features (including Air Bud 2), TV shows (including CBC's These Arms of Mine, The New Addams Family, Breaker High) and a couple of shorts, ads and music videos. I took a break to have kids and later went back to the TV editing and story editing world for a couple of years before transitioning to directing and producing. Since 2012 I've been a full time producer and director for Spotlight Productions (who are headquartered in Calgary.) For them I've created over 300 short format stories that walk the line between documentary and lifestyle. Currently I produce and direct 20-30 minute documentaries for them of all varieties. I've been nominated for a Leo 4 times as a director (always a bridesmaid...) and had a couple of shorts play in film festivals in Canada. I look forward to continuing to tell documentary stories, branching out into longer format and maybe even dipping my toe back into the fiction world down the road.

  • Area(s) of Interest: Directors; Editors; Producers
  • Current Profession: Director, producer, editor
  • Company/Employer: Spotlight Productions, Ltd
  • Work References or Credits: Credits are all on resume. References: Laura O'Grady, Series Producer, Spotlight Productions, Tristan Jutras, social media expert, former colleague,
  • Website: