Beth Ross


Currently working as AADBKC on Vancouver Island. Chesapeake Shores and many Hallmark in Victoria. I enjoy PA work too. I also continue pursuing productions through my business bDigital Video Productions which I began in 2011. . I began in video production at Victoria Cable in 1978 then graduated from Camosun College Applied Communication as a Media Generalist in 1981. I did a variety of media work and in 1987 I began working in Parksville community programming in 1987 and continued with Shaw until June 2010. I am now starting an independent digital video business

  • Area(s) of Interest: Directors; Casting; Producers
  • Current Profession: AADBKC 160 days, Chesapeake Shores, 4 seasons. PA 70 days, Lead prep PA for See in Campbell River 42 days
  • Company/Employer: bDigital
  • Work References or Credits: Jacqui Kaese, Spotlight