Eva Colmers


Eva has written, directed and produced 12 award-winning shorts and has written/directed 3 NFB documentaries including We Regret to Inform You..., 2.57k, Granny Baby, The Enemy Within, The Weightless Traveller and Luz. With an increased desire to direct for television, Eva has in the last year directed 2 shorts for BravoFACT / BravoFACTUAL and Bell Media as well as 1 episode for the tv series Caution May contain Nuts.

Her films have been seen at over a hundred international film festivals and on television and she has received several awards for her work. Furthermore, Eva has also written and/or directed several theatre plays.

Eva is a proud WIDC 2011 alumna and recently became a DGC member. Eva has a few own projects in development, enjoys collaborations and is eager to direct more for television.

  • Area(s) of Interest: Writers; Directors; Producers
  • Current Profession: director/producer
  • Company/Employer: No Problem Productions
  • Work References or Credits:

    Film Credits

    Suburbanight (11 min, 2017 BravoFACT Bell Media) credit: director, co-producer - In post-production

    Caution May Contain Nuts (30min tv for ATPN/Mosaic Entertainment) credit: director

    Not a One-Way Street (15min, 2017 BravoFACTUAL Bell Media) credit: co-director, producer

    Happy Birthday, Mango! (13min, 2017 credit: writer/director/co-producer

    Sophia (14min, 2017 - animation) credit: co-writer/producer

    We Regret to Inform You... (NFB, 11min, 2015) credit: co-write/co-director

    2.57k (HD, 13:40min, 2015 credit: director/producer

    Voila! (HD, 7 min, 2014 credit: 2. Assistant Director

    Autumn (16mm, 5min, 2013) Credit: Writer/Director/Producer

    GRANNY BABY (HD, 9:03 min, 2012) Credit: Writer/Director/Producer

    The Weightless Traveller, 2010 (HD,15:50min) Credit: Writer/Director/Producer

    The Elder Project, NFB documentary 2010 (multi media, 2:10h) Credit: Writer/Director

    Luz, 2008 (HDCam, 5:45 min) Credit: Creative Concept, Director/Co-producer

    A Thousand Words, 2008 (HDCam, 8:35 min) Credit: creative concept Eva Colmers/Eileen Sproule

    End of the Rope, 2007 (35mm, 8:07min) Credit: Writer/Director/ Producer

    Hand Sum, 2005 (35mm, 8:02 min) Credit: Writer/Director/ Producer

    Strong, Beautiful, Aboriginal, 2004 (16mm/BetaSp, 30 sec PSA) Credit: Writer/Producer

    The Enemy Within, 2003 (NFB documentary, 52 min) Credit: Writer/Director/Narrator

    Blink! , 2003 (beta, 10:02 min) Credit: Writer/Director/Producer

    FLY, 2002 (16mm, 3:32 min) credit: Writer/Director/Producer

    The Good Life, 2000 (16mm, 9 min) Credit: Writer/Director/Producer

    No Problem, 1998 (16mm, 18:15 min) Credit: Writer/Director/Producer

  • Website: www.noproblemproductions.ca