Eva Colmers


Eva Colmers is an award-winning director and producer of two dozen films in the dramatic, comedy and documentary genre – mostly shorts and some long formats including The Suburbanight, Happy Birthday, Mango!, Not a One-Way Street, 2.57k, and Granny Baby. She has also written and directed the NFB feature-length documentaries The Enemy Within, The Elder Project and We Regret to Inform You…. Her tv work includes directing for APTN’s tv series Caution May Contain Nuts (produced by Mosaic Entertainment) as well as directing/producing for Bell Media’s BravoFACT and BravoFACTUAL program. Presently, she is completing the 1 hour documentary QUINN for TelusOriginal which she wrote, directed and co-produced with Bonnie Thompson.

Eva is a member of DGC, CMPA and DOC and a proud alumna of WIDC and NSI’s TotallyTelevision program. For her film work Eva has received major awards such as several AMPIA Rosie Awards for Best Director and Best Producer; EDA Award for Best Social Journalism (DOXA Festival Vancouver); Best Short Film Award (Golden Sheaf Award); Best Experimental Film Award (NYC Independent Film Festival) to name just a few. She has been invited to festivals around the globe in Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Goa, Amsterdam, New York, Toronto and Los Angeles.

An immigrant from Germany, Eva loves stories about “outsiders” and people who don’t seem to quite fit in. Via her company, No Problem Productions, Eva is presently directing/producing the animated kids show Dilly Digger and is in development with the original half-hour comedy series LUPITA about a Filipino careworker working in a German family in freezing Edmonton. Director Reel: http://bit.ly/2XBISmE

  • Area(s) of Interest: Writers; Directors; Producers
  • Current Profession: director/producer
  • Company/Employer: No Problem Productions
  • Work References or Credits:

    Film Credits

    QUINN (31 min, Telus Original) credit: writer/director/producer

    Suburbanight (11 min, BravoFACT Bell Media) credit: director, co-producer Caution May Contain Nuts (30min tv for ATPN/Mosaic Entertainment) credit: director

    Not a One-Way Street (15min, BravoFACTUAL Bell Media) credit: co-director, producer

    Happy Birthday, Mango! (13min, No Problem Productions) credit: writer/director/co-producer

    Sophia (14min, independent animation) credit: co-writer/producer

    We Regret to Inform You... (NFB, 11min) credit: co-write/co-director

    2.57k (13:40min, No Problem Productions) credit: director/producer

    Voila! (7 min, Shiny Carr Pictures) credit: 2. Assistant Director

    Autumn (16mm, 5min) Credit: Writer/Director/Producer

    GRANNY BABY (9:03 min, No Problem Productions) Credit: Writer/Director/Producer

    The Weightless Traveller, (16min) Credit: Writer/Director/Producer

    The Elder Project, NFB documentary (multi media, 2:10h) Credit: Writer/Director

    Luz, (HDCam, 5:45 min) Credit: Creative Concept, Director/Co-producer

    A Thousand Words (HDCam, 8:35 min) Credit: creative concept Eva Colmers/Eileen Sproule

    End of the Rope (35mm, 8:07min) Credit: Writer/Director/ Producer

    Hand Sum (35mm, 8:02 min) Credit: Writer/Director/ Producer

    Strong, Beautiful, Aboriginal (30 sec PSA) Credit: Writer/Producer

    The Enemy Within (NFB documentary, 52 min) Credit: Writer/Director/Narrator

    Blink! (10:02 min No Problem Productions) Credit: Writer/Director/Producer

    FLY (16mm, 3:32 min) credit: Writer/Director/Producer

    The Good Life (16mm, 9 min) Credit: Writer/Director/Producer

    No Problem (16mm, 18:15 min) Credit: Writer/Director/Producer

  • Website: www.noproblemproductions.ca