Sue Biely


Sue Biely is an accomplished leader and member of the independent media community with over 25 years of varied domestic and international experience in broadcast, funding, policy, private business, sectoral development and media innovation. Sue now spends most of her time designing and facilitating initiatives to keep the independent media sector adaptive to ever changing forces. Her work ranges from managing the BC activities for National Canadian Film Day, to leading the development of a shared Business Hub work space for senior screen based producers, to her innovative online-real life project called Inside Green that reconnects urbanites with house plants. Sue continues to facilitate and design learning experiences for conferences and groups where creativity and healthy communities are core values.

Sue and long-time collaborator Tracey Friesen have been supporting the Media That Matters: Story Money Impact conference and are now scheming to bring Good Pitch, an initiative started by BritDocs, to Canada. Stay tuned!

  • Area(s) of Interest: New Media; Distribution; Other
  • Current Profession: Consultant, Educator, Community Builder, Cultural Innovator
  • Company/Employer: Nudge Consulting Inc
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