Cathy Chilco



Ms. Chilco’s extensive experience in television development and production spans the past three decades. She has produced, directed and written a wide array of both commercial and public television programming. Most recently, Ms. Chilco was Executive Producer and Creative Consultant for “Wilbur,” a children’s television series comprised of 26 half-hour episodes that explore emerging literacy for pre-schoolers. “Wilbur” airs daily on the CBC (Canada) and Discovery Kids (USA & Latin America).

Ms. Chilco served as Vice-President of International Production for Sesame Workshop in New York, producers of the internationally acclaimed “Sesame Street”. Here, Ms. Chilco developed and oversaw new productions of “Sesame Street” in Egypt, China, South Africa, Poland, Russia and Israel/Palestinian. The Israel-Palestinian co-production that she shepherded was awarded the prestigious Japan Prize for excellence in innovative educational programming.

Following her five-year engagement with Sesame Workshop, Ms. Chilco served as Executive Producer with Silver Lining Productions, NYC and as Creative Consulting Producer with Nickelodeon, on children’s and youth programming. Ms. Chilco’s documentary credits include the Gemini award-winning “Suzuki Speaks” and “The Life & Times of Umberto Menghi”. She acted as Executive Producer in the development of a dramatic feature film co-production between Germany and Canada and a pre-teen animation series. Her previous award-winning productions include “Sesame Street” dramas/documentaries/animations, “Pilot 1”, a teen music/comedy series, and “Futurescan” with David Suzuki, to name just a few.

Ms. Chilco has been lauded for her strengths in story and character development, both for live action and animated programming. Her experience with international co-production, edutainment, brand-building, audience recognition and targeting - what does or doesn’t work on TV - can bring valuable insight to any project, from concept development through post-production.

Ms. Chilco was born and educated in Toronto, and received a BA in English Literature from the University of Toronto. She is currently based in Vancouver, BC.

  • Area(s) of Interest: Writers; Directors; Producers
  • Current Profession: Producer/Consultant
  • Company/Employer: Chilco Productions
  • Work References or Credits: 'WILBUR', pre-school puppet/animation series, Exec. Prod./Creative Consultant 'SUZUKI SPEAKS', Gemini winning 1 hour special, Prod/Writer 'LIFE&TIMES of UMBERTO MENGHI', Producer 'SESAME STEET INTERNATIONAL', VicePres/Exec.Prod. Full resume on request.
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