In Conversation: Indigenous Screen Office and Black Screen Office

12:30 PM, August 26, 2022

Join us on Friday, August 26, for a panel with Indigenous Screen Office and Black Screen Office!  


Watch it now!


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Joan Jenkinson (she/her), Executive Director, Black Screen Office 

Kristy Assu (she/her), Director of Funding Programs, Indigenous Screen Office


Moderated by Dee Abdirahman (they/she) - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Specialist, Liberation Collective


Topics include:

  • How do we create authentic and inclusive content?
  • Creating structural change through community building
  • The responsibility that comes with telling stories
  • How can we envision the future and honour the past?
  • Eligibility and why it's important to the community.


Supporting Research:

Participants are encouraged to read the following research reports ahead of the panel.

Being Seen, Black Screen Office

Building Trust and Accountability, Indigenous Screen Office


About the Panelists

Co-Founder and Executive Director
Black Screen Office

Joan is Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Black Screen Office where she works to empower Black Canadians working within the screen industries to thrive and share their stories. She is committed to making sector practices and policies equitable and free of anti-Black racism and to work collaboratively with decision-makers to ensure system-level change.

Joan was Vice-President of Independent Production for VisionTV. She commissioned, developed and executive produced hundreds of hours of award-winning creative content in all genres. For five years, Joan served as Executive Director of Women in Film and Television - Toronto (WIFT-T), where she established professional development training and networking opportunities for women in screen-based media.

Director of Funding Programs
Indigenous Screen Office

Kristy has gained experience in the Indigenous film and television industry, specializing in the areas of Project Management, Program development, Producing and Production Financing. Over the past 16 years she has worked as an independent Producer and has produced over 10 seasons of documentary series covering issues ranging from access to clean drinking water in Indigenous communities across the Canada, United States and New Zealand to celebrating Indigenous Arts, Culture and language. 

In her previous role as a commissioning Producer, she led her team to pursue education on cultural safety in the workplace and is also a Chloe Award recipient for Community Champion, which recognizes her efforts in putting Indigenous communities first throughout all of her work. Her most notable work includes her roles as Associate and Line Producer and on set Production supervisor on the first ever Haida Language dramatic film, SG̲aawaay Ḵ’uuna; Edge of the Knife that has been seen on screens across the globe. SG̲aawaay Ḵ’uuna; Edge of the Knife premiered at TIFF in 2018 and since has won several national and international awards.

She is the current Director of Funding Programs at the Indigenous Screen office where she supports the growth and development of current and new program strategies and strategic initiatives. She works closely with the Executive Directors at the ISO discussing gaps in the industry as well as potential advocacy and funding opportunities to support Indigenous content creators in Canada.

Kristy is Haida and Ligwildaʼ x̱ w (Leekwiltoh) from the We Wai Kai community of Quinsam on Northern Vancouver Island where she continues her efforts to retain and uphold her Indigenous languages and culture. She is an advocate for Indigenous rights and equality and is dedicated to ensuring the representation and inclusion of Indigenous people both on and off screen.