7:30 PM, November 3, 2020

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Hosted by Debra Sears 

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Guest Members Adriana Jones, Aixa Kay, Katherine Kadler, and Krista Magnusson. 


Adriana Jones


Who are you and what do you do?

I am an actor, screenwriter, and producer. Dark comedy and satire tend to be what I gravitate towards as a writer, though I enjoy working across a variety of different genres and am developing a few research-intensive period pieces that I am excited about. I am currently pursuing my MFA in Creative Writing at UBC with a screenwriting focus after several years of living in NYC and being involved in the indie film and theatre worlds there.

Is there anything specific you would like to share about your life or work with us at the moment?

My short film Introvert's Guide to Activism just screened at the virtual edition of the Chelsea Film Festival and I am currently researching distribution options. I'm also developing a feature and two pilots as part of my MFA coursework.

Is there any quarantine activity that you would like to share in particular?

I'm learning French! I'd be happy to hear recommendations for French movies and TV shows to watch.


Aixa Kay


Who are you and what do you do? 

I am a Saudi Arab-Canadian.  Have an MA in Creative Writing.  Union actor (on camera and voiceover.)  Daughter to a nuclear physicist and a children's author.  Mother to a 14-year-old boy who is passionate about math and programming.

Is there anything specific you would like to share about your life or work with us at the moment? 

"Jasmine Road", a film in which I play my first lead role in a full-length feature, is making the film circuit right now.  It premiered in CIFF and was opening night at both: EIFF and Arab Film Nights Festival.  It tells the story of a grieving widowed cowboy who takes in a Syrian refugee family of Arabic ice cream makers in the small conservative town of Red River.

Is there any quarantine activity that you would like to share in particular? 

Meditation!!  I've always avoided it like the plague, knowing in my heart that it is critical to my well-being as human and creative.  Recently I found an app called "Balance" which was offering a full year for free.  It exceeded my expectations and got me committed.  It's now like a secret I want to share with everyone.  That and, well, "fresh prep."  Please don't tell my mom.  She spent 15 years teaching me sophisticated Saudi/khaliji dishes. 


Katherine Kadler


Who are you and what do you do? 

I’m a partner, mother, friend, tennis player, tennis coach, tennis official, marathon runner, singer, property manager, leader of a local environmental initiative, am an advocate/ supporter in the LGBTQ2S+ community and lover of travelling and the outdoors! 

In the film world, I’m an Intimacy Coordinator, Medical Consultant & Technician, do Covid Management, am an Actor, First Aid provider and Set Decker. I have also worked in Production Design, Properties, Producing and dabbled in Script Supervising. 


Is there anything specific you would like to share about your life or work with us at the moment?

I am super pumped about my recent Intimacy Coordinator Certification through the Intimacy Professionals Association based in Los Angeles under the direction of Amanda Blumenthal (IPA).  I am also passionate about the Medical Consulting & Technician work I do… as a former RN, Clinical Educator, it amazes me that I have landed in this environment using my medical knowledge & skills. I love what I do!!

Is there any quarantine activity that you would like to share in particular? 

After several unsettled weeks, I settled into learning & writing mode… Pandemic awareness, Contract tracing, Film best practices. When a break was needed, time outdoors with the family and our new puppy was the number one activity choice. I was grateful for the time to slow down and reflect on life and priorities. 


Krista Magnusson


Krista has been an actor for over 15 years, working and studying in Vancouver and New York City. With 40+ film, TV, & theatre credits, Krista has received the Best Supporting Actor Award from Persistence of Vision Film Festival and Best Ensemble Award at BC Mainstage Competition. In 2012, she joined the Women in Film and TV Vancouver Board of Directors, serving as Treasurer and Vice President for 5 years on the board. Krista also created the “Actor Career Mentorship” and has managed it through 7 successful rounds. Over 120 women have now gone through the inspiring program and credit it with changing their careers and lives. Outside of film and TV, Krista has a BBA in Marketing from SFU and has been a Business Strategy & Marketing Executive for 15 years, in both Canada and Mexico.