7:30 PM, April 28, 2020

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April 28th Host: Debra Sears

Guest Members: Michele Povill, Ambika Vas

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Member Highlight:

Meet Michele Povill!

Michele Povill

Q&A with Michele:

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I'm a dual citizen (US and Canada) and have been on the WIFTV Board of Directors for almost 9 years as Chair of the Sponsorship Committee.  I'm presently VP on the WIFTV Executive. I hold a B.A. degree in Theater and an M.A. in Directing. 

My professional acting career began in 1976 as a founding member of the Agape Players in Burbank, CA. In 1979 I began my film and TV career with a role in Star Trek TMP where I met my husband who was Associate Producer.  After a 35 year hiatus, I was accepted into the WIFTV Actors Mentorship program and subsequently booked a role in Garage Sale Mysteries:4 for Front Street Pictures and Riverdale for the CW. 

During my 35 year hiatus I worked in emerging media for over 10 years as West Coast Sales Manager for XM Satellite Radio since it’s inception in 2000. I  currently handle marketing, international distribution and product placement for Gryphon Productions here in Vancouver.  

2. Is there anything specific you would like to share about your life or work with us at the moment?

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of WIFTV.  WIFTV is a great organization and has continued to play a vital role in fostering women's equal participation in all aspects of our industry.  I feel extremely honored to have helped contribute to this organization in some small way by raising corporate revenues and expanding our visibility to the Vancouver entertainment industry. 

3. Is there any quarantine activity that you would like to share in particular?

We find ourselves in a very strange time but interestingly it seems that there's no shortage of things to do even if we're confined to being mostly inside. I have been involved in more zoom meetings than ever before and have found that these interactions bring an added benefit to meet with long distant folks. I was able to "see" a theater production from my old alma marter in Virginia, and I have had several "family reunions" with family from all over the States. There's no shortage of industry blogs and tutorials. Many are designed to help actors with self taping information and of course I've been doing quite a bit of cooking! Reading has been extensive and binge watching Netflix has been a relaxing escape. I do look forward to a time when I can once more meet in person with friends and family but for now I find my days full and satisfying.

 Meet Ambika Vas!

Ambika Vas 

Q&A with Ambika:

1. Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Ambika Vas. I am an actor/writer/comedian who recently moved to Vancouver.

2. Is there anything specific you would like to share about your life or work with us at the moment?

I have written a comedy pilot that I would love to discuss with anyone in development or production. 

3. Is there any quarantine activity that you would like to share in particular?

My parents live in India and I do not have any family in Vancouver. During the quarantine, in order to stay connected and keep their spirits up while making others laugh, we have been creating silly sketch videos together. I send them instructions and they send me back videos which I put together. My parents have never done any kind of acting, so watching them is quite amusing!

 Link to Ambika's work:


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