VR Experiences at VIWFF 2020

March 4 - 7, 2020

 These VR experiences are available to the public in the Atrium of the Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour St, at selected times during the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival.  Check the festival schedule for dates and times. 

In conjunction with IM4 media lab at Emily Carr University VIWFF brings you, The Unceded Chiefs VR experience. 

The Unceded Chiefs VR experience takes users on a journey to November 1969, walking with a spirit to stand in the same locations, BC Chiefs stood, hearing the concerns of Indigenous peoples concern about the White Paper. In the midst of Canada’s recent indigenous rights crisis, this VR experience may be more relevant than ever. 

Director -  Doreen Manuel, editor - Michael Morin, sound Designer - Arghavan Harirchian Saei (Mana), special thanks -  Oliveier Laroux.

Presented with the National Film Board of Canada, VIWFF brings you, the Museum of Symmetry VR experience. 

“There are no rules here. Just enjoy!”

Part invitation, part dare, an impish game mistress welcomes you into a delightfully disorienting pleasure dome inspired by geometry and nature—and wired with infectious dance beats.
What happens next feels like swimming through poetic rainbow juice.

An absurdist mind-and-body romp through the highest clouds to the ocean deep, Museum of Symmetry is the explosive feel-good alter-universe of cartoonist and animator Paloma Dawkins—a room-scale VR experience with 2D animation in a 3D playground as never been seen before.

 Co-writer, Director, Animator - Paloma Dawkins, Co-writer - Ashley Obscura, Developer - Casa Rara Studio, Compoer - Caila Thompson-Hannant, Producer - Maral Mohammadian, Executive Producer - Michael Fukushima (NFB)


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