May 30, 2018, 7:00 - 10:00 PM


An evening of film and conversation. A collaboration between WIFTV, DOC BC and Cineworks, held on the last Wednesday of every month at Cineworks.

Location: Cineworks Studio at 1131 Howe Street, entry in back alley

Date & Time: May 30th 7:00 - 10:00 PM

WIFTV, DOC BC, Cineworks members only. Free admission.



Fallen Flags; 8 min 10 sec; 2005; 
SD video from 16mm Colour with optical sound
Filmmaker: Amanda Dawn Christie (Cineworks)

A layered tapestry of trains and underwater footage exploring the realms of fear death and transience, this film places the traces of human voices amidst the flickering light and shadows of empty passenger cars. This film Stems from a train trip from one end of Canada to the other and back again, and the loss of a friend in a drowning accident. This project was supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and involved 15 days of train travel from Vancouver to Halifax and back again (1200 km in total). This film is one of the meditations resulting from that trip. A “Fallen Flag” is the railroad term given to a discontinued rail line.

AcroYoga: The Power of Play; 9 min 25 sec; 2018; HD video
Filmmaker: Kevan McGovern (DOC BC)

Play offers liberation from entrenched habits and the thoughts and feelings that form with them. As creative problem solving, play makes new pathways for understanding, communication and community. This is the appeal of AcroYoga – the challenging, inspiring and downright silly form of collaborative yoga that finds a growing and passionate following, in times when the magic of remote connectivity is tainted with ever more isolation and anxiety. Step inside the world of AcroYoga and discover the power of play! 

Prism; 56 sec; 2018; HD video from 16mm B&W film
Filmmaker: Michal Furda

This short experimental video was part of Monoflex Workshop organized by Cineworks, with Instructor Lindsay Mclntyre. Shot on 16mm Kodak Reversal film using Bolex Camera, hand developed and scanned in 5k DPX. Monoflex is an experimental B&W darkroom process with which you can create a film that has specifically chosen image areas of positive and negative. This process is interrupting the reversal film developing process and creating some masked/protected areas which will take through the simpler process of negative film development.

Havana Hustle; 12 min; 2018; HD video; 
Filmmaker: Vicky Huang (WIFTV)

During a heat wave, a Canadian girl finds herself at a high stakes poker game with the heads of the Havana underworld. Armed with a trick she learned from an old friend, she lays her cards, life and freedom on the line for a chance to get information on a ghost: a loved one presumed dead, for whom she has been relentlessly searching. Havana Hustle won the Award of Commendation at Canada Shorts Festival in Dec 2017 and was also selected as part of Women in Film and TV International Short Film Showcase in 2018. 

Photography & Radiation; 14 min 30 sec; 
2018; HD Video from mixed sources
Filmmaker: Jesse Andrewartha (Cineworks)

The discovery of radioactivity may never have occurred were it not for photography. The creation of the autoradiogram—images formed when a radioactive object photographs itself—was the first window into the hidden world of the subatomic realm. It led to the research that unmasked the true nature of atomic structures, gave new understanding of the world around us and opened the door to the atomic age. Here, Andrewartha weaves stories of the role of the autoradiogram in scientific and human advancement from the discovery of radioactivity, through the birth of the atomic age and into the present.

Queen Jane and the Wizard; 2017; 
Writer/Director: Louise Deschamps

A fragile and depressed housewife, Jane (Shelley Janzé), spends her days making jars and jars of applesauce to avoid dealing with a marriage that is slowly coming to an end. Jane’s bedridden and depressed brother-in-law Ben (Michael S. Weir) lives a similar non-existence, continually painting the same minimalist picture because he can’t move on in his life. When Jane and her philandering husband Jeffrey (Bill McNaughton) visit Ben and the brothers’ colourful mother one night, Jane and Ben suddenly connect and help each other find a way out of their despair. Featuring the zany Robbins Sisters (Joyce and Jacqueline Robbins), Queen Jane and the Wizard is an absurdist dramatic comedy depicting a world in which the depressed seem wiser and more human than their happy counterparts.



Amanda Dawn Christie is an interdisciplinary artist working in film, video, performance, photography, and electroacoustic sound design. She has exhibited and performed in art galleries across Canada, and her films have screened internationally from Cannes to Korea to San Fransisco and beyond. She was the 2014 Atlantic finalist for the National Media Art prize, and recently had a 10 year retrospective exhibition of her work curated by Mireille Bourgeois, at the Galerie d’art Louise et Reuben Cohen. Since 1997, Christie has been actively involved with artist run centres, in both volunteer and staff positions: serving on various boards, working as both a technician and later as a director. She completed her MFA at the SFU School for the Contemporary Arts in Vancouver, and moved to Amsterdam before moving back to Canada’s East Coast. . Upon her return to Canada she worked at the Faucet Media Arts Centre & Struts Gallery in Sackville (NB), and later worked as the director of the Galerie Sans Nom and the RE:FLUX festival of music.

Kevan is a seasoned documentary filmmaker with over a decade of experience in the fields of directing, cinematography, and post production. After attending the entrepreneurship program at BCIT, Kevan started his own production company called Reverse Media. Since then he has worked with a diverse number of employers including the 2010 Olympic Games, Telus, CBC Television, and the TV shows Smallville and Continuum. Having created 22 short documentaries, numerous music videos and one web series to date, his current project I/O: An Electronic Music Documentary marks his first feature length film.

Michal Furda (Cineworks) is an independent Cinematographer based in Vancouver, originally from Slovakia, and a graduate from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Department of Cinematography and Photography. Working as a director of photography for various productions in Slovakia and Canada, his projects include several student shorts, a number of music videos, documentaries, commercials and a feature film.

Vicky Huang (WIFTV) was born in Beijing, China where she spent her childhood immersed in literature. Growing up in Vancouver, Canada, her love of literature extended to acting, finding it the most direct way to experience and understand different eras, cultures and relationships. Striving towards the perfection of her craft, Vicky studied theatre in Cork, Ireland, before graduating from the University of British Columbia with a major in Integrated Drama and a minor in Theatre. After garnering a diverse range of memorable roles onscreen and on stage, and facilitating others as an acting coach, Vicky has recently embarked on a new journey of auteur filmmaking, in pursuit of her lifelong love of storytelling.

Louise Deschamps has a passion for screenwriting and has written many feature screenplays over the past several years. Recently in May of 2018, one of these scripts – The Forgotten Patron - won the prize for “Best Feature Script” at the European Independent Film Festival in Paris. The Forgotten Patron (Le Marchand de Velours) is a bilingual story (French/English) that explores themes of anti-semitism, religious hypocrisy and parental dysfunction in a 1940’s French Canadian family, as seen through the eyes of 15-year-old Juliette Caron. Louise has made 2 short films. Alien Shy (2015) is the story of a nine-year-old girl, Sophie, who believes her emotionally distant mother is an alien. 

Jesse Andrewartha (Cineworks) is a filmmaker and photographer who examines the collision of humankind with the physical world, using the photographic image to reveal domains that extend beyond our senses. A Render Efficiency Supervisor with Sony Pictures Imageworks, Andrewartha is a veteran of the visual effects industry, also active in the Vancouver analog film community. He has screened works at film festivals such as BLUE and SDUFEX, and shown work as part of Vancouver Art Gallery’s offsite public programming.