October 1, 2017

Membership is open to all genders and discounts are available to students, seniors, those living at a geographic distance, and those living with disabilities. For more information about membership please click here or give us a call at 604-685-1152. 

Applications accepted from October 1- October 31, 2017


To provide female actors with guidance and inspiration in developing their craft and advancing their acting careers. The six month program will match successful applicants (Mentees) with female working actors (Mentors), with whom they will meet with for one hour, once a month for six months. The Mentee will be prepared for these meetings with clear questions as well as a development path for feedback.

It should be noted that while Mentees can, of course, be active in other areas of the Film & Television industry, this mentorship program is focused solely on acting careers and is not intended to aid actors in expanding into other areas (i.e. producing, writing or directing).


Mentee applicants must meet the following criteria:
-       18 years of age or older
-       Active Associate, Professional, or Executive Member of WIFTV, in good standing
-       Not currently involved in any other mentorship program or full time student program
-       Three years' acting experience, not including a student program
-       IMDB profile with minimum three acting credits
-       Clear and realistic expectations and goals for the program (i.e. why do they want it and how will it help them?)
-       Initiative in career growth, such as creating or finding own work outside of agent representation
-       Commitment to participate in monthly volunteer requirement at the Vancouver Food Bank
-       Open mind towards feedback and changes suggested by mentor, as well as willingness to try new ways of doing things
-       Payment of $25.00 CDN application fee
-       Payment of $50.00 CDN program fee - due January 9, 2018 if selected to be a part of the program

To apply please download and review the FAQ, register above, and download and complete the Application Form. Completed forms should then be sent via email to office@womeninfilm.ca with ACTOR MENTORSHIP in the subject line. The deadline to apply is October 31, 2017.  

Items that will be looked for in applications, but not necessarily required:
-       Participation in the acting community – event attendance, etc.
-       Regular training or indication of trying to expand and grow skill set or craft

Program Details
The entire program is aimed at maximizing the benefit to the Mentees, while minimizing the expectations and time requirements of the Mentors. 

When a Mentee is matched with a Mentor and confirms participation in the program, the entire Mentee application package will be sent to the Mentor for review. This will provide the Mentor with all information needed about the Mentee, including past industry experiences, current activities, goals, and other relevant information, so that the pair can start detailed goal-oriented conversations right away. Ideally, this will avoid the first two of six sessions being spent getting to know each other. In turn, the Mentee is expected to research their Mentor, knowing their history as much as possible prior to meeting, to avoid obvious questions. 

Mentees will meet with Mentors once per month for 60 minutes. Ideally, this meeting will be in person, however Skype meetings are possible, and phone calls will be used as a final resort. No less than 24 hours prior to each meeting, the Mentee will email the Mentor an update, with specific topic(s) to discuss and questions to address in the upcoming meeting. 

Throughout the program, both Mentees and Mentors will be checked in on by the director of the program, WIFTV board member Krista Magnusson, and regularly asked for feedback.


October 1– October 31, 2017: Applications Accepted via WIFTV

November 2017: Application Review
1)    A jury of minimum 3 people, kept confidential from the Board of WIFTV, will review the applicants and rank them according to program criteria.
2)    The jury will match as many applicants as possible to participating Mentors.

December 1 - January 3, 2018: Notification
1)    Recipients will be notified of their acceptance to the program and their participation confirmed.
2)    Any recipients unable to participate will have their Mentor reassigned to another appropriate applicant.
3)    Additional Mentors will try to be found for remaining appropriate applicants and matched if possible.
4)    Any applicants that were not accepted to the program or matched with a mentor will be notified by December 19, 2017 at the latest.

January - June, 2018: Program is Active!
1)    Mentors & Mentees will have monthly meetings and be in contact with Krista Magnusson with any feedback along the way. 
2)    March 7-11, 2018 - All mentors & mentees will be invited to a Vancouver International Women in Film Festival (VIWIFF17) event, either opening night or awards. Date to be confirmed.

July 2018:
1)    Participants will be asked to submit a report on their experience.
2)    Mentors will be surveyed for final feedback on participants