August 30, 2017


As part of the Vancouver Civic Theatre's summer outdoor film series happening for 4 Wednesdays starting August 9th, we are excited to present a free 90 minute shorts program. The program is a showcase of films that have previously screened at the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival.

Preshow activities will start at 7pm and the movie will start rolling at dusk. Attendees are encouraged to come early to enjoy games and contests, and bring a chair or blanket to sit on for the main event. Snacks and drinks will be available from the Queen Elizabeth Theatre bar. Curated by some of the most prestigious film festivals on the West Coast, Sunset Cinema will be an outdoor cultural film experience unlike any other.

Location: Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza, 650 Hamilton Street, Vancouver




Chanterelle Rain - Gail Noonan (4 minutes)

This brief animation is a love song to the summer rains that bring forth the culinary gift of these treasured mushrooms. Unconventional materials such as dryer lint, flowers, leaves, wild berries, coloured sand, beads and insects are all animated to capture the fecund spirit.



Through the Pane - Pauline Egan (15 minutes)

Annabelle and Lewis meet through their facing apartment windows. A romance blossoms through handwritten notes. However, wrong assumptions about love and each other may sabotage this chance for a real connection.



Sniff! The Art of Air Tasting - Sandra Ignagni (5 minutes)  

There are many ways to explore your surroundings, and tasting the air is one of them. Join Alex Grünefelder as he explains the theory, practice and purpose of this important environmental awareness.



Rebel - Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers (14 minutes)

This is a moving, engaged, and unconventional documentary exploring the complex relationship between a father and daughter. Through animation, re-enactments, and archival photos, writer/director Tailfeathers (Blackfoot & Sámi) delves into the dissolution of her parents' mythic love story, showing how it has coloured her perception of love in her adult life.



Newcomers Swim, Every Friday - Meghna Haldar (9 minutes)  

Aisha and her children arrive in a new country. To settle into this foreign world, Aisha must first learn to swim, or sink.



Nostalgia - Reem Morsi (10 minutes)  

This is an original and moving story about two children who, abandoned in a harsh world, rely on each other and their shared memories for comfort. Tenderness can express itself in unexpected ways.



Here Nor There - Julia Hutchings (15 minutes)

After a mysterious meeting in an underground parking lot, an actor agrees to play a private detective at a funeral. There, he unexpectedly unravels a bizarre truth. Here Nor There is a quirky, creative, and intimate portrait of family betrayal and loyalty.



Flash - Marina Lazzarotto (9 minutes)

A young woman on a bicycle, with a dangerous curiosity, takes an unexpected detour through a magical fantasy on her usual ride home from work.



Happy and Gay - Lorelei Pepi (10 minutes)

This accomplished animation mimics the classic 1930s musical misadventure cartoon and challenges its habitual acts of censorship, prejudice and stereotype by placing positive representations of gay and lesbian characters into the narrative. This animation would not have been shown during the time it references.