Shorts Block Five: The Lighter Side of Change

March 11, 2017, 6:15 - 8:00 PM

List of Films:

  • Hoods
    • Directed by: Maja Aro, BC
    • When Scarlet Hood finds her grandmother’s lifeless body, her quest to avenge the death leads her to uncover a secret legacy. In this dramatic fantasy, Hoods weaves classic storylines into a contemporary fairytale with a strong female lead.
  • Lemonade Mafia
    • Directed by: Anya Adams, USA
    • Kira's organic lemonade dynasty is threatened when rival entrepreneur Shantel moves in on her territory. From Vancouver-born director Anya Adams, with strong performances from Yvette Nicole Brown (Community), Marsai Martin (Blackish), and Emily Procter (CSI Miami), Lemonade Mafia mixes humour with heart in this thirst quenching comedy for all ages.
  • Dead Triplet
    • Directed by: Alex Heller, USA
    • When a freak accident kills their triplet sister Anne, Charlotte and Emile must redefine their own relationship and learn how to succeed in the world as twins. Edged with dark humour and courting the absurd, Dead Triplet is a witty short following the misadventures of a newly formed duo.
  • Marigolds
    • Directed by: Jillian Acreman, New Brunswick
    • Peter O'Toole is a young botanist contemplating his legacy. Filled to the brim with timely wit and dry humour, Marigolds tells the story of one man’s unique quest to make an impact on the world.
  • Trying
    • Directed by: Shauna Johannesen, BC
    • Steve and Ellie are confidant getting pregnant will be child’s play, but as sex becomes un-sexy, and foreplay becomes more about needles than necking, they begin to renegotiate their expectations. This funny film presents a poignant commentary on the social pressure to conceive.
  • The Goodnight Kiss
    • Directed by: Laura Adkin, BC
      Following a couple that navigates the ups and downs of a multi-year relationship, The Goodnight Kiss explores facets of marriage, parenthood and independence. It ends with a bang and an unexpected twist.
  • Oh, I Get It
    • Directed by: Danny Tayara, USA
    • Oh, I Get It explores belonging from the perspectives of queer comedians pushing back against rigid boundaries of what — and who — can be funny.
  • Ambiguous
    • Directed by: Darren Borrowman, BC
    • Comedy and commentary in a side-splitting satire of the beauty and advertising industries. The troupe “Strapless” pokes fun at the standards of beauty set for women in commercials and life.
  • Steps
    • Directed by: Noémie Brassard, Quebec
    • Against the backdrop of a ballet class, 10 year old Josephine candidly ponders her body, relationships, and imagination.

Shorts Block Five: The Lighter Side of Change will be followed by a Q&A with filmmakers

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