Shorts Block Three: Rhythms and Cycles

March 10, 2017, 3:00 - 5:00 PM

List of Films:

  • A Woman Wakes to the Sound of a Train and Runs Up A Hill to See It
    • Directed by: Kara Hornland, BC
    • Crafted without dialogue, shaped by magnificent shots, this short film raises questions at the intersection of existence and reason. It also takes us on a breathtaking journey across plains, fields, and mountains, as a woman searches for the sound to which she awoke.
  • January Hymn
    • Directed by: Katherine Canty, Ireland
    • A haunting reflection on the loss of a loved one, January Hymn presents a fractured narrative of a young woman’s journey through emptiness, loneliness, and grief. With exquisitely crafted shots and dreamlike sequences, this short film explores a young woman’s memory of a home forever changed.
  • Uncertain Spring 
    • Directed by: Carole Laganière, Quebec
    • Francis spends his last days in hospice care. He finds joy in the daily visits of his 14 year old niece and the photos and videos she sends him. Quiet, charming, and hopeful, with strong, dynamic, performances, Uncertain Spring reveals that as one life is extinguished, another’s begins to bloom.
  • Push Start
    • Directed by: Carleen Kyle, BC
    • Emotionally frozen after the death of her father, Perdita (Jazmine Campanale), has been doing what others expect. Then her goldfish helps her restart life on different terms. This is an evocative exploration of both grief and self-realization.
  • The Wake 
    • Directed by: Oonagh Kearney, Ireland
    • In Ireland, women are silenced in the courts, the church, the health-care system, and the arts. This silencing also happens at home, as well as in the body. Using dance as a unique cinematic language, The Wake is an Irish film that liberates the stories of women inside the house. Therein we discover a world of memory, joy, violence and transformation.
  • By the Pool
    • Directed by: Karine Bélanger, Quebec
    • In the summer heat a vibrant community forms around a municipal pool. Lifeguards spend their time enjoying each other and the water. Yet, when the time comes, they meet critical responsibilities. Beautifully composed, this is an unexpectedly engaging piece.
  • For the Love of Music
    • Directed by: Arwen Hunter, BC
    • For the Love of Music is an intimate look at the celebrated Sooke Philharmonic Orchestra, led by the legendary Norman Nelson. It is a touching exploration of the lifelong commitment of musicians to their craft, and the community that forms.

Shorts Block Three: Rhythms and Cycles will be followed by Q&A with filmmakers 

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