Shorts Block Two: Relationships Under Pressure

March 9, 2017, 3:15 - 5:30 PM

List of Films:

  • Aftermath
    • Directed by: Sonja Keßler, Germany
    • Set in 1916 Germany, the film explores an interface of fable and realism. A woman waits for her husband to return from war. A young boy awaits his brother. She has become bitter and marginalized by her grief. He is keenly attracted to her. The two form an unusual friendship, until the brother returns. The story is harsh, but moments of unexpected intimacy shine in the dark setting.
  • Stalingrado
    • Directed by: Anyora Sánchez, Spain
    • Antonio, a shepherd from rural Spain, and Tatiana, an educated Russian woman, must negotiate the difficulties caused by his spiteful mother who disapproves of their life together. Against the backdrop of vast countryside and small village life, this riveting portrait of colliding worlds examines the intersection of power, culture and class.
  • The Patriot
    • Directed by: Eva Riley, UK
    • After befriending a Roma boy, 11-year old Hannah, the daughter of a far-right extremist in Britain, confronts the tensions between xenophobia and her burgeoning empathy.
  • The Things We Do They Don't Understand
    • Directed by: Ashley Michel Hoban, USA
    • Jess has breakfast with the mother of an absent man with whom she shared one night. Awkward? Even more so in that they don’t speak the same language. With compassion and humour the film explores the small miracles of unexpected connections.
  • Here Nor There
    • Directed by: Julia Hutchings, BC
    • After a mysterious meeting in an underground parking lot, an actor agrees to play a private detective at a funeral. There, he unexpectedly unravels a bizarre truth. Here Nor There is a quirky, creative, and intimate portrait of family betrayal and loyalty.
  • On the Beach 
    • Directed by: Nele Mueller-Stöfen, Germany
    • Laura and Clemens spend their holidays at the sea in Northern Germany. Laura is bored and invents a game, pretending to be blind. Captured in an innovative and fresh narrative, accomplished with strong performances, the film draws us into an unexpected and swiftly growing moral dilemma.

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