7:00 PM, September 27, 2017


An evening of film and conversation. A collaboration between WIFTV, DOC BC and Cineworks, held on the last Wednesday of every month at Cineworks.

Location: Cineworks Studio at 1131 Howe Street, entry in back alley

Date & Time: September 27th 7:00 - 10:00 PM

WIFTV, DOC BC, Cineworks members only. Free admission.


Goodwin’s Way | 56 min | 2016
Filmmaker: Neil Vokey (DOC BC)
When highway signs commemorating folk hero Ginger Goodwin disappear, the documentary Goodwin’s Way finds the nearby Cumberland, B.C. at a crossroads with its history. Goodwin, a rebellious labour activist, was slain by police under mysterious circumstances almost a century ago, yet his name still elicits wounds that date back to the town’s coal mining past. Goodwin’s Way straddles the dividing line between historical and current-event documentary genres to tell the story of a community fighting for autonomy over its past, and its future.

Mulitverse Dating for Beginners | 13 min 02 sec | 2017
Filmmaker: Kelly Tatham (WIFTV)
Girl meets boy. Girl loses boy. Girl meets boy... again? In the Multiverse do-overs are a given, possibilities are infinite, and love is always a choice.

Lilith | 11 min 31 sec | 2016
Filmmaker: Rogan Christopher (Cineworks)
After witnessing a sexual assault, a succubus hunts down the rapist and exacts vengeance.

Your Farmer Keith, Episode 2 | 13 min | 2017
Filmmaker: Lois Neu (WIFTV)
Your Farmer, Keith is a web series, chronicling the trials, tribulations and triumphs of an Independent Organic Farmer in Saskatchewan.
Episode One touched on his relationships with family, temporary foreign workers and the members of his CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) Program. Episode Two takes a closer look at the CSA business and concludes with Keith’s decision to continue or discontinue the operation.



Neil Vokey (DOC BC) is a Vancouver-based independent/indentured filmmaker. Since graduating from Capilano University Film Centre in 2011, Neil has produced documentary video content of various shapes and sizes for non-profit and government clients, trying as often as possible to align his work with his values. GOODWIN’S WAY (2016), a story draws parallels between past and present social justice struggles in his BC home town, is Neil's first long-form documentary.

Kelly Tatham (WIFTV): Despite working in film and theatre her entire life, Kelly Tatham only officially stepped into the film director's role in early 2016. Since then -- through the company she co-founded with Sasha Duncan, Bokeh Studios West -- Tatham has executive produced, directed, and written/co-written three teaser trailers, three short films, and a twenty-minute comedy pilot, "The New Romantics" (partially funded by Storyhive). An honours graduate of VFS's Screenwriting program, Kelly is also a three-time jury member of the VIWIFF Screenplay competition. Beyond film work Kelly spends her spare time writing prose, gardening, traveling, and daydreaming about parallel universes.

Rogan Christopher (Cineworks): a graduate of both Queen’s University and the legendary Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre conservatory in New York City, Rogan has spent time working briefly in corporate finance and business intelligence before beginning a career in film and television. He began his career as an actor, performing in various Canadian and American television series (Nikita, Reign, Saving Hope, Bitten), TV movies and independent film. On his first independent feature, Footsteps (a drama about a young Afghanistan veteran re-integrating to life in a small mid-western town), Rogan served as a producer as well as lead talent. It won best picture and best actor at the 2012 Mississauga Independent Film Festival.

Lois Neu is an Independent Producer/Director, and the founder of Orange Lily Productions based in North Vancouver, BC. Credits include: Producer, Wild City (Episode One and Episode Two) (2015), Director, Palatable (2015) Director, Inverted Maps and Problems of those who used to be my Friends (2015), and Producer/Director/Cinematographer; Your Farmer, Keith (2017).


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