March 8, 2016, 4:30 - 6:00 PM

Celebrating International Women’s Day, the WIFTI Showcase presents selected short films from nearly 1400 international submissions from WIFTI Chapters around the world.

Location:  Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour Street

Free Admission


- The Bench Project: Lost and Found by Oriana Oppice (Narrative, USA, 6:30 min)

Synopsis: The Bench Project is a series of short independent films that take place on various benches. The Bench Project: Lost and Found, a short film directed by Oriana Oppice is the fourth in the series. Tagline: "What's lost when things are found? Two widows find out when Bertha discovers a locked box in a closet.”

Director Bio: Oriana Oppice is a Sicilian-born award-winning director, producer, and actor. She is constantly involved in the independent film circuit, most recently with films screening at the Cannes Film Festival, Palm Springs Film Festival, Salento Film Festival in Italy, and many others. Oriana directs films of many genres and is active with WIF and other organizations in advancing the careers of emerging filmmakers. She holds a bachelors from McGill University in International Relations and a masters from the University of Chicago in International Law.

- Dreamgirl by Micah Vanderhoof (Narrative, USA, 8:30 min)

Synopsis: A surreal suspense short film about a teenager who struggles to come to terms with the recurrent memory of what seems to be her own impending murder.

Director Bio: Micah Vanderhoof is the owner of Perspica Media Company.  She’s worked with an array of clients including record labels, non-profit organizations, small businesses, musicians, and universities, as cinematographer, photographer, and creative director.  She brings over 9 years of cinematography and photography experience to the company.

- Monster in the Bayou by Victoria Greene (Documentary, USA, 10:07 min)

Synopsis: A documentary, Monster in the Bayou is about a peaceful community located deep in the Louisiana swamps, and the giant sinkhole lurking, and threatening.

Director Bio: A native of Los Angeles, Victoria has produced several short films, most of which have viewed in local film festivals. She volunteers for numerous film organizations including New Orleans Film Festival, Timecode: NOLA, 48 HFP and since 1993 has been involved with LPB (Louisiana Public Broadcasting) as an anchor/host during pledge drives. Also an actor, she freelances, working with Discovery International and Brite Spark Films as a field producer. Founder of Greene Bayou films and a board member of WIFT Louisiana, Victoria is a graduate of LSU and lives in New Orleans with her two pups, Lena and Reggie.

- My Bonnie by Hannah Quinn (Narrative, Ireland, 12:28 min)

Synopsis: Two people at sea, trapped between a rock and a hard place, must face the distance between them.

Director Bio: Hannah Quinn has worked as an Assistant Director on many films ranging from blockbusters to independent cinema, since the early 90’s. My Bonnie is her directorial debut. It has screened over 20 times at worldwide festivals and film societies since it’s premiere last year at the Newport Beach Film Festival, where it was honoured with an ‘Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking’. It has since won ‘Best Cinematography’ at the Galway Film Fleadh, ‘Best Irish Narrative’ at the Kerry Film Festival and ‘Best Short’ at the Mongolia Film Festival. 

- One Bottle at a Time by Jaclyn Edmonson (Documentary, USA, 12:58 min)

Synopsis: A documentary film exploring the colorful Ralph Drury and his dedication to the disenfranchised women and children of Williamson County. Fifteen years ago A Vintage Affair (AVA) started as one man's desire to help local Williamson County, Tennessee women and children in need. AVA has become a valuable community resource that partners the love of wine along with the support of local and California vintners with the means to improve life for women and children with the proceeds from his events in the millions of dollars.

Director Bio: Armed with her BS in Film Production and powered by a sense of adventure, Nashville native Jaclyn Edmonson, pursues her career as a freelance filmmaker specializing in documentary films. She is now a two-time WIFTI Short Showcase finalist. Her first WIFTI short documentary, “Sbocciare", was shot in Florence, Italy and debuted April 2013 at the Nashville Film Festival. The film received rave reviews on the festival circuit around the world and affirmed Edmonson’s goal to continue directing as her life’s work. She keeps involved with the film industry in Nashville as she serves on the board of Women in Film & Television.

- Shaping the Public by Dawn Mikkelson (Documentary, USA, 9:58 min)

Synopsis: A story of how a determined diverse group of artists (from graffiti artists to acrobats) occupied a vacant lot in urban Caracas, Venezuela resulting in the Tiuna el Fuerte Cultural Park. This park, embedded in a community known for its druglords and poverty, is now home to a thriving arts scene receiving national and international acclaim.

Director's Bio: 2015 Emmy Award Winner and 2010 McKnight Filmmaking Fellow, Mikkelson’s work has been seen on PBS and has screened at international festivals including IDFA and Leipzig DOK Market. Mikkelson has completed four award-winning independent feature documentaries, including The Red Tail and Green Green Water, which illuminate larger societal issues while creating understanding through the intimate stories of individuals. She is currently in post-production on her next feature, Risking Light, telling intimate stories from around the world of persons who have forgiven the unforgivable. 

- Writer's Block by Marie-Emmanuelle Hariness (Narrative, USA, 7:47 min)

Synopsis: When Victoire, an up-and-coming scrappy fashion designer is challenged to create her new masterpiece, but obnoxious neighbors and trifling inconveniences pile up to thwart her plans, she unlocks epic powers of imagination to win over reality…

Director Bio: WIFTI Short-Case Alumna, IFP Alumna, Berlinale Talents Alumna, award-winning filmmaker Marie Emmanuelle Hartness graduated from La Sorbonne in 2001. Her films have received a Writer's Guild nomination; First Prize Directorial Discovery at The Rhode Island International Film Festival; Winner of the Berlinale Canon Competition. Her screenplay Indentured, a finalist in Sundance Lab 2015, is currently in development. Hartness has been a guest speaker at Harvard for Production and Screenwriting.


Women In Film and Television International (WIFTI) is a global network comprised of over forty Women In Film Chapters worldwide with over 10,000 members, dedicated to advancing professional development and achievement for women working in all areas of film, video and digital media.