May 23, 2015, 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Presented by WIFTV and Creative BC


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Date:         May 23, 2015
Location:  Pull Focus School - 306 Abbott St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G8.  Buzz #3 , 2nd floor
Time:         9:30 ­AM - 4:30PM with a one hour lunch break

Instructed by Elizabeth Yake of True West Films (see bio below), the workshop is designed for those planning to attend festival markets such as the Banff World Media Festival or other international film/tv markets and will provide insight into market preparation and how to make the best of the market experience. 

Workshop Outline
Morning session 9:30AM - ­12:30PM
Topics covered: 
1. Honing the pitch so you can write about it
2. Crafting the log line and the short synopsis
3. Who's your target audience
4. Gather your market intelligence
5. Research buyers, financiers, development support
6. Plan your meetings
7. Market materials
8. What's your project's hook
9. Pitching DO's & DONTS

Lunch break 12:30PM - ­1:30PM

Afternoon session 1:30PM - 4:30PM
Topics covered:
1. Follow-up
2. Incorporate market intelligence into your pitch
3. Write your film proposal

Entertainment lawyer and producer Kim Roberts (Chandler/Fogden law firm) will join the afternoon session to discuss how to build a good relationship with an entertainment lawyer and to answer questions you may have in regards to rights, optioning, setting up a business etc.

Publicist Kathryn Perkins will speak about promoting films, working festivals and planning for release and working with a publicist from shooting until release. 

Participants are required to come prepared with drafts of the following:

1. Log line
2. Short synopsis (paragraph)
3. Notes as to the key marketable elements of the project

Please send these drafts by May 21st to

Elizabeth Yake is President of True West Films based on the west coast of Canada. As producer, her films have been nominated for 17 Genie Awards and each of her features and shorts have premiered at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival. Films/TV include PILGRIMS, EVERYTHING’S GONE GREEN, IT’S ALL GONE PETE TONG, MISS TEXAS. TWF focuses on structuring international coproductions for the world market. Elizabeths new film, HADWIN’S JUDGEMENT, is premiering at Hot Docs 2015 and is currently featured in POVs summer edition.  The film is based on the story of The Golden Spruce in coproduction with the NFB and Passion Pictures, UK, Oscar winners 2013 for SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN. 

Kim C. Roberts brings over two decades of entertainment law experience to Sepia Films, having provided legal advice on a wide range of film and television projects through his law firm Roberts & Stahl. Apart from his creative role at Sepia, Roberts also oversees production financing and contract negotiations for all of Sepia’s productions.

Together with Tina Pehme, Roberts has produced Sepia’s feature films The Games Maker (2013), In Their Skin (2012), A Shine Of Rainbows (2010), Partition (2007), Civic Duty (2007), Love on the Side (2004), feature documentaries The Boy From Geita (2014), Hue (2013) and And The Beat Goes On... (2009) as well as a series of movies for television including A Mother’s Nightmare (2012), A Sister’s Nightmare (2013), A Daughter’s Nightmare (2013), A Wife’s Nightmare (2014) and Chasing the Tiger (currently in production). Roberts also executive produced the award winning Canada/UK co-production It’s All Gone Pete Tong (2004). The pair established Honalee Productions Inc., in 2005 to handle their development slate and to facilitate post-production in house.