8:15 AM, September 15, 2020

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A conversation on African American Vs. Continental African representation on screen and in the media.

Across platforms, images featuring Black folks have slowly increased in quantity however, the quality of these images has not. I’m hoping we can have an open and insightful conversation about:

  • Our backgrounds as Black folk (People of African descent & Continental Africans) and our experiences and feelings about how we have been represented thus far on screen. 
  • The  homogenization of Black peoples and cultures from the stereotypical American tropes to the “Wakandification” style we’re seeing in music and movies today (Back Panther, Black is king, Coming 2 America etc) 
  • The Black Lives Matter movement and how that has changed things.
  • Our ideas and imaginations on how the media can improve in this context.   


Katrina Mugume - Chat Moderator

Katrina Mugume

Katrina Mugume is a Ugandan filmmaker based in between Vancouver Canada and Kampala Uganda. Her works tell the stories of the Intersection between blackness and being African and Woman. As a recent graduate, she is working on her debut documentary “AFANDE”, an intimate look at the life of my father, a revolutionary Ugandan general. Outside of that, she is passionate about fostering a community for women in the film industry as an intern for Women in Film and Television Vancouver and also as a community champion for black women in Vancouver.


AfroVan Connect Representative - bio coming




Tobi Owobowale - Black Girl Collective representative



Nigerian-born, graduate from Simon Fraser University, who is an eager learner ready to explore the world. She is very passionate about uplifting and supporting black people in her community and is excited to see us succeed and live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. She is also the Research Coordinator for Black Girl Collective Vancouver, an organization that creates safe spaces for black womxn in Vancouver.


Praise Osifo - Black Girl Collective representative


Praise is a Nigerian born and Cloverdale raised Afro-Canadian. She’s a student at SFU studying finance and sustainable development, but her passions lie with black empowerment and child advocacy.  She currently works as a public engagement coordinator for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C., where she helps to develop a public advisory group with health care regulators. As the outreach coordinator for Black Girl Collective Vancouver, she conducts research to identify opportunities to grow the collective, as well as helps to manage their finances.