7:30 PM, May 5, 2020

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May 5th Host: Darlene Tait

Darlene Tait 2

Guest Members (Geographically Distant Members): Carolyn Bridget Kennedy, Theodora Jean, Brunella Battista, Ana de Lara

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Member Highlights:

Meet Carolyn Bridget Kennedy!

Carolyn Bridget Kennedy

Q&A with Carolyn:

1. Who are you and what do you do?

Carolyn Bridget Kennedy is an award-winning SAG-AFTRA actor and filmmaker living in Los Angeles.  Carolyn studies dramatic acting in the Advanced Class at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.  She is an improv maven having completed Advanced Improv at The Groundlings (with an invitation to Writing Lab in their Performance Track), the Upright Citizens Brigade program, and is in the Conservatory at The Second City; she also performs stand up at comedy clubs in LA.

2. Is there anything specific you would like to share about your life or work with us at the moment?

On March 17, due to COVID 19, Carolyn travelled from Los Angeles to her home in Calgary, Alberta so she could be with her husband.  She plans to return to Los Angeles as soon as it is safe to do so.  She continues to audition remotely.

3. Is there any quarantine activity that you would like to share in particular?

During COVID, Carolyn continues to study online at The Beverly Hills Playhouse, The Groundlings and The Second City.  She will also be performing stand up comedy at an online show by Flappers Comedy Club Burbank on May 13.  She recently completed writing her first comedy pilot, is in development on several comedy series, is writing scripts (sketch comedy and short films), and is writing more material for her sketch comedy routine.


Meet Theodora Jean!

Theodora Jean

Q&A with Theodora:

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I'm Theodora Jean and I have over 10 years of public relations and communications experience in private industry, government, and non-profit sectors. Through my public relations consultancy, Coldwater Communications, I provide earned media strategies, publicity services, and thought-leadership for those working in the arts and entertainment sectors.

My clients—comprised of directors, producers, actors, musicians, and film and TV associations—have been featured in The Hollywood Reporter, The Globe and Mail, National Post, Playback, and more.

2. Is there anything specific you would like to share about your life or work with us at the moment?

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on us and our clients. During the first few weeks of the pandemic, everything was either cancelled or put on hold. However, as time passes, we're pivoting and trying to do our work differently, finding COVID-related story angles, transitioning to delivering online learning, and taking on a much broader range of clients.

3. Is there any quarantine activity that you would like to share in particular?

We're finding this to be a good time to work on business development, personal development or brand development. The work doesn't stop but it's nice to focus on ourselves for a change and positioning ourselves well for a return to a new "normal". 
Meet Brunella Battista!
Brunella Battista
 Q&A with Brunella:
1. Who are you and what do you do?
I am an award-winning multimedia artist. I am a videographer, 3D photographer, writer, actor and comedian. I was “Rosa Brusco” on “Almost America", and “Dumpty” on the Gemini winner pre-school show “Polka Dot Shorts” for 7 seasons. My first short film “The Food & I” won special jury prize at Invideo 2002 in Milan; and I co-wrote a reality show for a development deal with Alliance Atlantis.

I am the owner of dB digital TV, and have created videos for many high-end clients and filmed live for many events.

As the founder of Artists Rendering Tales Collective Inc., I managed the community engagement artists for the year-long Coquitlam 125 celebrations, which culminated in a public art installation with community participation, a collection of stories (video and written word), public performances of historical characters and a “Year in review “ video.

I am the Former ED of the New Westminster Hyack Festival Association

2.  Is there anything specific you would like to share about your life or work with us at the moment?

Since March 28 I have been running the Virtualian Festival Online, to provide a supportive and experimental platform for artists and for people wanting to feel better through the power of art and connections. Recreating a street festival, different artists share their talents and interact with the audience for one hour, then socialize for half an hour during the on-nomi (beer garden!) 

I also just took the focus@work program at the YWCA because I would like to find another leadership job in the arts, and I have a dream to be a director when I grow up!


Meet Ana de Lara!
Ana de Lara


Q&A with Ana:

1. Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Ana de Lara, I am  Filipino-Canadian film director, screenwriter, and producer. I have won over 30 accolades for my films and screenplays including the Vancouver Women In Film Festival Matrix Award for GOOD GIRLS DON'T.  I am an alumna of the Women in the Directors Chair and the Telefilm Talent to Watch Program.

2. Is there anything specific you would like to share about your life or work with us at the moment?

As a writer/director I like to tackle social issues in unconventional ways, be it through comedic or dramatic storylines.   I am set to direct a Telefilm Talent to Watch web series, that I also co-wrote, called Best Friend Me, a comedy about a depressed, failing writer and her outrageous alter-egos navigating life in recovery.  We were supposed to roll camera late March but currently postponed due to Covid-19.

3. Is there any quarantine activity that you would like to share in particular?

I have been struggling with an auto-immune illness that has flared up during isolation so I have not been creatively productive.  I have been watching/being inspired by shows/movies online (Netflix, Amazon Prime,etc.).


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